Microsoft unveils Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad 1.1, adds user-requested features
August 1, 2014 – 07:39 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

office-200x175Microsoft has unveiled the first major update to its stable of iPad Office apps with the release of Word for iPad 1.1, Excel for iPad 1.1 and PowerPoint for iPad 1.1.

All three apps gain exclusive new features, but all gain the ability to export documents to PDF, improved picture editing tools and support for third-party fonts.

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Auslogics reveals BoostSpeed 7
August 1, 2014 – 07:02 by Mike Williams in Featured, News | No Comment

Auslogics has unveiled BoostSpeed 7, a major update for its PC cleanup, maintenance and optimisation suite.

The Live Speedup module gains a Disk Priority Manager to optimise applications in real-time. Your hard drive is now monitored to reduce file fragmentation, while disk and Registry cleanups can be scheduled to run automatically.

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Review: CyberLink Media Suite 12 Ultimate
July 31, 2014 – 13:15 by Mike Williams in Reviews | No Comment

Review: CyberLink Media Suite 12 Ultimate

After almost 20 years developing multimedia software, it’s no surprise that CyberLink has some impressive products. But they can seem expensive. PowerDVD is definitely a versatile and feature-packed media player, but if you’re used to freeware then its $99.95 list price might send you elsewhere.

Fortunately CyberLink’s Media Suite 12 Ultimate offers a more value-for-money option, providing a big chunk of the CyberLink range – a total of fifteen products – for as little as $139.95.

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Google Chrome 64-bit Beta released, edges closer to final Windows release
July 31, 2014 – 08:05 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Google ChromeGoogle has moved its dedicated 64-bit Windows build of Chrome one step closer to its final release with the launch of Google Chrome 37.0 Beta (64-bit). The new release requires Windows 7 64-bit or later to run.

The new build, which is also available in 64-bit form for Linux, moves to the beta channel, but despite media speculation, users should not assume a final release is just a few weeks away – it could yet be months before Google deems the build is stable enough for general consumption.

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SUPERAntiSpyware 6 reveals new System Investigator
July 30, 2014 – 07:55 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment has updated its popular malware hunter SUPERAntiSpyware to version 6.0.

The major new feature is System Investigator, a tool which highlights files of interest in the most common infection points: startup programs, browser extensions, installed applications, Windows services, drivers, temporary and system folders, scheduled tasks, and more.

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LibreOffice 4.3 FINAL released, promises more intuitive spreadsheet handling, adds 3D modelling to Impress
July 30, 2014 – 06:46 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

LibreOffice 4.3The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 4.3 FINAL  for Windows, Mac and Linux. The new release sees some notable user-interface tweaks, performance enhancements and a number of new and tweaked features.

TDF is particularly keen to highlight four major new features: improved document interoperability, comment management, more intuitive spreadsheet handling in Calc, and support for animated 3D models in Impress.

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Pale Moon 24.7 released, resolves rendering performance issues among other tweaks and fixes
July 29, 2014 – 11:48 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Pale Moon 24Moonchild Productions has released a minor update to its Firefox browser variant for Windows with the release of Pale Moon 24.7 and Pale Moon x64 24.7.

Version 24.7 is primarily a bug fix release, and also includes the latest security fixes recently incorporated into the main Firefox build.

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Session Manager automatically saves and restores your Firefox windows
July 29, 2014 – 08:53 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Get engrossed in your latest web research project and you’ll soon be navigating an array of browser tabs, each one with some vital piece of information – it’s very easy to lose track.

Firefox offers a few very basic options to help you maintain control. Clicking History > Restore Previous Session will reopen whatever you were viewing last time, for instance, or you can bookmark all open tabs for reference later.

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Printworks gives Mac users a user-friendly, yet surprisingly powerful, design tool
July 28, 2014 – 12:03 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Printworks 1.0Belight Software has released Printworks 1.0 for Mac. Launching with a discounted price of $29.99 (normally $49.99), the app is a fully fledged desktop publishing and design tool aimed at the home and small business market.

The app’s main appeal is that it manages to wrap up all the core functionality required for designing a wide range of documents – including flyers, newsletters and greetings cards – in a user interface that’s simple to grasp and places all the key tools at the user’s fingertips.

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Convert web pages to PDF with wkhtmltopdf
July 28, 2014 – 09:38 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

It can often be useful to keep a local copy of a web page, and your browser’s “Save Page As” option is a good place to start. But typically this saves an HTML file and a separate folder with its resources, or an archive format like MHT, not so convenient if you’d like to share the document with others.

Wkhtmltopdf is an open source tool which quickly converts HTML to PDF, ready for viewing just about anywhere. It’s written for the command line, but don’t let that put you off – you’ll be using it productively in seconds.

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Take control of your Windows startup programs with Autorun Organizer
July 25, 2014 – 10:12 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Your PC’s taking an age to boot? It could be launching too many programs when Windows starts. There are plenty of freeware “startup manager” tools which claim they can help, but Autorun Organizer is better than most.

The program checks a good range of startup locations, for instance: the Startup folder, the Registry, Task Scheduler. It’s not Autoruns, but there’s more than enough to be useful.

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