Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Home released
August 14, 2012 – 13:01 by Mike Williams in News | Comments Off

Paragon Software has released Backup & Recovery 12 Home, the latest edition of its extremely capable consumer-oriented backup tool. And while the New Features list is a little on the short side this time, build #12 does benefit from support for incremental disk imaging.

This new addition means your backups can contain only data changed since the last increment, saving time and storage space. Which is presumably what Paragon mean when they slightly unclearly say that the technology “boosts efficiency of backup to the network storage up to 200%”.

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Comodo IceDragon 14.0 released as a secure alternative to Firefox
August 14, 2012 – 10:35 by Nick Peers in News | Comments Off

One of the fundamental aspects of open-source software is that it’s open for all to use or modify as they see fit. Comodo has taken this approach to release its take on two open-source browsers – namely Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – with the release of Comodo Dragon and Comodo IceDragon respectively.

Both browsers attempt to provide more secure alternatives to the originals – although on Windows builds are provided, and with the release of Comodo IceDragon 14.0, Comodo has added an extra layer of protection in the form of CertSentry in addition to a number of other tweaks and improvements.

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View RAW file formats in Explorer with Microsoft’s Camera Codec Pack
August 14, 2012 – 07:35 by Mike Williams in Tips | Comments Off

If you’re looking to browse your camera’s RAW format images on a PC then your first instinct will probably be to locate a suitably powerful image viewer. But there could be a simpler solution.

Microsoft’s Camera Codec Pack supports the viewing of a host of device-specific formats in Explorer, Windows Live Photo and any other Windows Imaging Codecs-based software, and it’s free and straightforward to use.

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.NET Version Detector: a quick and portable way to check your PC’s setup
August 14, 2012 – 06:18 by Mike Williams in Tips | Comments Off

Many programs require that you have the correct version of the .NET Framework installed before they’ll work. And so it’s important to understand which versions of .NET are installed on a system before you start installing new software.

Microsoft haven’t provided any straightforward way of finding this out, unfortunately, but that doesn’t have to be a problem: the .NET Version Detector provides everything you need.

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Add tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer with TabExplorer
August 13, 2012 – 08:59 by Mike Williams in Tips | Comments Off

Every new version of Windows sees Microsoft apply a few more tweaks to Windows Explorer, and if you’re like us you’ve probably hoped that tabbed navigation might one day appear on the list. But the reality is usually a disappointment, and Windows is the same old story: we’ve got the ribbon, instead.

If you really want tabs in Explorer, then, it’s probably best to forget about Microsoft and add them yourself. And the free TabExplorer is a quick and easy way to get started.

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18 new downloads and updates you may have missed this week
August 11, 2012 – 05:05 by Mark Wilson in Featured, News | Comments Off

Roundup - 11 August 2012The release of Windows 8 is drawing ever closer and this means that there is a slew of apps being updated to add support for the latest version of the operating system. Paragon Image Backup for Windows 8 is one such program, giving you the chance to backup and restore your data free of charge. Fans of system tweaking and optimization should take a look at Auslogics Disk Defrag and Auslogics BoostSpeed which can be used to ensure the best possible performance from your hard drive as well as giving you a raft of tools to help boost the speed of Windows. Whether you’re upgrading to Windows 8 or not, you should keep an eye on your internet connection to check how it is being used by different programs – or malware – and this is something that Net Guard enables you to do. This week also saw the release of Windows Essentials 2012, the latest collection of free tool from Microsoft including Live Messenger, Movie Maker, SkyDrive and more.

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muCommander 0.9.0 brings dual-paned file management to a cross-platform audience
August 10, 2012 – 08:26 by Nick Peers in News, Tips | Comments Off

If you frequently wail and gnash teeth at the prospect of opening two separate windows whenever you want to copy one file to another, than a dual-paned file manager is a must. They’re not exactly thin on the ground, but if you’re a multi-platform user you might prefer to stick to a single solution that will run across all your computers, be they Mac, Linux or Windows.

The solution in question is an open-source tool called muCommander 0.9.0, which has just received its first major update in over two years.

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Paragon Software releases free Image Backup for Windows 8, with ReFS support
August 10, 2012 – 07:41 by Mike Williams in Featured, News | Comments Off

Paragon Software has released Image Backup for Windows 8, a simple backup tool which runs on Windows 8/ Server 2012 and supports Microsoft’s new Resilient File System, ReFS.

If you’ve used any recent Paragon backup product then you’ll feel at home right away, as the new product uses Paragon’s standard front end menu, which quickly points you to the features you need.

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Auslogics upgrades BoostSpeed and Disk Defrag Free with Windows 8 support
August 10, 2012 – 07:35 by Mark Wilson in Featured, News | Comments Off

Who doesn’t love a good tweaking tool? Everyone likes the idea of being able to boost the performance of their computer without having to shell out on potential expensive hardware and Auslogics BoostSpeed is an extremely accomplished utility that enables you to do just this. The latest version of the program is a major upgrade that sees not only added support for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 but also new options that make the app and even more powerful tool for cleaning up and optimizing your computer.

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ACDSee Free released: a quick and easy image viewer
August 10, 2012 – 05:47 by Mike Williams in News | Comments Off

ACD Systems has announced the release of ACDSee Free, a simple and speedy PC image viewer.

The program supports the most important image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, PCX, PIC, WMF, EMF), and really does seem to be fast, loading and displaying just about anything at very high speed.

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Pixelmator 2.1 brings in Retina Display support, effects browser and iCloud syncing
August 9, 2012 – 13:13 by Mark Wilson in Featured, News | Comments Off

PixelmatorIf you’re looking for a powerful image editing tool, the likes of Photoshop are going to spring to mind first. But there are plenty of much lower cost tool available that are more than adequate for the job, and one of these app is Pixelmator. This is an image editing package that has been around for some time, and the seemingly minor update to version 2.1 brings about the introduction of a number of important new features and options.

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