Transit App: a smarter way to navigate your city
June 24, 2015 – 12:07 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Transit AppFinding your way around big cities is generally a challenge, even if you live there. You might know the best bus routes, or have mastered the metro, but you can still be in trouble if a service is unexpectedly cancelled and you’re left looking for an alternative.

Transit App is a free Android and iOS app which helps out with a host of tools for planning journeys around and across your local city.

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PDF24 Creator v7 adds Explorer integration
June 24, 2015 – 11:22 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment

PDF24 CreatorFree virtual PDF printer PDF24 Creator has been updated to version 7.0 with a range of new and enhanced features.

Top of the list – and not before time – is Explorer integration. Right-clicking one or more files now displays options to open, split, join, optimize, extract and convert them, while right-clicking the desktop allows users to import from the scanner, camera or clipboard.

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Convert.NET is a desktop translator
June 24, 2015 – 07:35 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Convert.NETConvert.NET is a free (for personal use) text processing toolkit with maybe the most bizarrely mixed-up feature set we’ve seen.

Choose “Language Translation” from the list top-left and it seems reasonably normal. Type or paste text into the box, enter a URL, choose one or more files, select your source and target languages and the program translates them for you via Google, Bing, Yandex or Excite.

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1-4a Rename is a versatile batch renamer
June 23, 2015 – 09:07 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

1-4a RenameRenaming one file on a PC is easy. A whole folder full? That’s more of a challenge. Explorer can’t help, and even turning to the command line doesn’t give you very much.

1-4a Rename is a free, portable batch renaming tool which aims to change all that. It’s old, and the interface is a mess, but if you need real renaming power then it might be worth a try.

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WhatsApp Desktop is a very unofficial WhatsApp client
June 23, 2015 – 05:49 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

WhatsApp DesktopWhatsApp is a great mobile messaging app, but you might occasionally wish you could run it from a desktop, where you can take advantage of the full-sized keyboard and screen.

There’s no official desktop app available, but if you like the idea then you could try the extremely unofficial WhatsApp Desktop, an open source tool available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

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Uncover hidden malware with RunPE Detector
June 22, 2015 – 07:25 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Phrozen RunPE DetectorMalware uses many tricks to hide its process, and one of the most common is known as RunPE.

Essentially this involves starting a known and trusted process – Explorer.exe, say – in a suspended state, replacing its code with the malware’s own, then starting it up. Even running something like Process Explorer won’t reveal any problems unless you look very, very closely.

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CSVPad is a portable CSV editor
June 22, 2015 – 05:49 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

CSVPadCSVPad is a compact, free and portable editor for CSV and similar files.

The program can handle all kinds of format variations: tab separated, colons, semicolons, pipes, dollars and more. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about the details as by default CSVPad automatically detects and uses the correct format all on its own.

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Back up Windows and program settings with CloneApp
June 21, 2015 – 16:27 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

CloneAppCloneApp is a tiny, free and portable tool which can back up and restore the settings of many popular Windows programs.

Supported software includes 7-Zip, Adobe Reader, Classic Shell, Gimp, Google Chrome, Google Earth, IrfanView, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office 2010/ 2013, Firefox, Opera, VLC Media Player, and it can preserve plenty of Windows settings, too: Favorites, Contacts, Network folder settings, Start Menu and more.

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Sicyon is a serious scientific calculator
June 20, 2015 – 13:51 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

SicyonThere’s plenty of “scientific calculator” programs around, but very few really live up to the name (trig functions and a degrees/ radians switch really aren’t as advanced as some developers seem to think).

At first glance the Windows freeware Sicyon looks much the same. There’s a numeric keypad, the basic operators, then buttons of functions which you can use as required.

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WinZip Mac Edition 4.0 adds support for iCloud and ZipShare sharing
June 19, 2015 – 07:16 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

WinZip Mac EditionCorel’s WinZip subsidiary has unveiled a major new release for the Mac edition of its renowned zip archiving tool. WinZip Mac Edition 4.0 focuses on improving its sharing tools, but also implements support for Retina displays.

The tool first updates its direct integration cloud tool to add support for Apple’s iCloud Drive as well as its own proprietary ZipShare service. This increases the number of supported tools to four, the other two being Google Drive and Dropbox.

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Lock your PC with a USB flash drive
June 19, 2015 – 06:47 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

KeyLockKeyLock is a free Windows tool which allows you to lock your PC with a USB flash drive. If you need to leave it unattended for a while, just unplug the drive, a custom lock screen appears, and you won’t be able to continue until it’s reconnected.

Setup is easy. Connect a USB key, choose it in the Drives list, and you can save the details and start protection in a couple of clicks.

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