Avast 2017 introduces zero-day protection, ‘passive’ mode for running alongside other security apps
February 7, 2017 – 13:21 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Avast 2017Avast Software has unveiled its 2017 suite of security programs with the simultaneous release of Avast! Free Antivirus 2017, Avast Internet Security 2017 and Avast Premier 2017.

The 2017 releases, all marked versions 17.1, are the first since Avast acquired AVG in September 2016 and includes combined threat detection technologies from both products among numerous other changes and improvements. Read on to discover how to purchase them for 50% off the MSRP!

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Opera 43 adds “instant page loading”, classic link selection
February 7, 2017 – 11:07 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment

OperaOpera Software has released Opera 43 to the stable channel with enhanced performance-boosting tools and a welcome productivity tweak.

Instant page loading is a pre-rendering technology which attempts to predict URLs as you type, and starts to load the site in the background before you even hit enter.

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NirSoft releases LoadedDLLsView 1.0
February 6, 2017 – 17:42 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

LoadedDLLsView Freeware machine NirSoft has unveiled its latest system tool, LoadedDLLsView (32-bit version).

If you don’t know what the program does from the name then you’re not in the target audience, but essentially it scans all the running processes on your system, detecting and listing whatever DLLs they’re using.

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Kodi 17.0 “Krypton” unveils major facelift alongside suite-wide improvements
February 6, 2017 – 07:45 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Kodi 17.0The XBMC Foundation has unveiled Kodi 17.0. Codenamed “Krypton”, the new release is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and (jailbroken) iOS devices.

The new release unveils new default skins for both regular and touch devices. It also unveils significant improves to audio and video, music libraries, live TV and PVR.

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Artpip sets beautiful artworks as your desktop wallpaper
February 4, 2017 – 05:44 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

ArtpipArtpip is a free Windows and Mac app which sets your desktop background to a beautiful new artwork every day.

We’re not sure how large the library of images might be, but artists include Manet, Munch, Renoir, Whistler, Van Gogh, Gruner, Pissarro, Cezanne and more.

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Clean, secure and optimise your PC with Steganos Tuning PRO
February 3, 2017 – 13:23 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Steganos Tuning ProSteganos Tuning PRO is a PC maintenance suite for cleaning, optimising and securing your PC.

It’s a commercial product, and pricy at $49.95 for a year, although that does at least cover you for 3 devices.

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Bad Ad Johnny is an ad, tracker and malware-blocker for Chrome
February 2, 2017 – 13:21 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Bad Ad JohnnyDeveloped by VPN provider PureVPN, Bad Ad Johnny is a one-stop ad, tracker and malware-blocker for Chrome.

The extension aims to block absolutely everything, says the website, in particular those “acceptable ads”: “I DO NOT shake hands with publishers under the table and let some ads slide.”

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Detect missing software updates with UCheck
February 1, 2017 – 13:13 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

UCheckRogueKiller developer Adlice Software has released a beta of UCheck, a simple software update-checker and application manager.

The program supports around 40 packages, including 7-Zip, CCleaner, Chrome, Firefox, Flash, GIMP, iTunes, Java, LibreOffice, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, OpenOffice, Opera, Skype and VLC Media Player.

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LibreOffice 5.3 is one of the biggest updates to the office suite yet
February 1, 2017 – 09:27 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

LibreOffice 5The Document Foundation has unveiled LibreOffice 5.3 64-bit and LibreOffice 5.3 32-bit. Despite the point update, LibreOffice 5.3 is billed as “one of the most feature-rich releases in the history of the office suite”, and is packed full of major changes affecting all parts of the application.

Highlights include a new experimental (and optional) ribbon-based UI, plus a new cross-platform text layout engine. It’s also accompanied by the first source release of LibreOffice Online, for basic collaborative document editing in a browser.

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LightBulb reduces eye strain by shifting screen gamma over time
January 31, 2017 – 15:06 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

LightBulbLightBulb is a f.lux-like application which smoothly adjusts screen gamma to make colours seem warmer at night, reducing eye strain and making your PC more comfortable to use.

Install the program and it goes to work automatically, detecting your location, figuring out the sunrise and sunset time and updating your display colour temperature to match.

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Bing Wallpaper updates your desktop with Bing’s image of the day
January 31, 2017 – 08:47 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Bing WallpaperBing Wallpaper is an open-source application which sets your wallpaper as Bing’s image of the day, then keeps it up-to-date.

Download, unzip and run BingWallPaper.exe and it immediately updates your wallpaper, displays a notification and minimises to your system tray.

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