Six ways to find and run your favorite Sysinternals tools
January 5, 2016 – 10:57 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

SysinternalsSysinternals has developed some of the best Windows troubleshooting tools around, and if you’ve the tiniest technical interest in PCs then you’ve probably downloaded some of them already.

But there are more. Lots more. And if you regularly work on other people’s PCs, you’ll need speedy access to these at any time – one-off downloads just won’t do.

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Batch watermark your photos with GFXMark
January 5, 2016 – 08:32 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

GFXMark“Copyright” isn’t a concept that means much online, and we’re not just talking about the latest movies: put your own photos on the web and people will be reusing them in no time at all.

GFXMark Free is a versatile Windows application which can protect your copyright with a range of image watermarking tricks.

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Customise almost any Windows icon with CustomizerGod
January 4, 2016 – 13:49 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

CustomizerGodThere are plenty of tools around for customising Windows icons, but they usually fall into one of two groups: very basic specialist apps which just replace a few things, or low-level powerhouses packed with complicated options.

CustomizerGod tries to take a middle route, with point-and-click ease of use for beginners, and some interesting icon-replacing extras for everyone else.

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Universal USB Installer adds Windows 10 support
December 31, 2015 – 06:31 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment

Universal USB InstallerBootable USB key creator Universal USB Installer has been updated with new support for Windows 10.

The developer says it’s “untested”, but we pointed the program at a Windows 10 setup ISO, and it built a bootable USB version without difficulty.

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Get a full year of Sticky Password Premium, worth $19.99, for FREE with our New Year’s Day giveaway!
December 31, 2015 – 05:36 by Nick Peers in Featured, Freebies, News, Promos | No Comment

giveaway-200x175Online security has made big headlines in 2015, and will continue to do so as hackers continue to outwit even the biggest firms. This is what makes our final giveaway so essential: a year’s license for Sticky Password Premium.

Sticky Password is a suite of products for mobile and desktop that allow you to store your online passwords, form fills and credit card information securely – our giveaway will give you access to all its Premium features across all supported devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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This New Year’s Eve, make sure your PC is safely backed up with our O&O Disk Image 9 Downloadcrew Giveaway, worth $29.95!
December 30, 2015 – 12:16 by Nick Peers in Featured, Freebies, News, Promos | No Comment

giveaway-200x175What better way to prepare your PC for 2016 than by providing a failsafe backup this New Year’s Eve? That’s right, on December 31st we’re providing you with a 24-hour giveaway of the brilliant O&O DiskImage 9 Professional, worth $29.95!

Whether you want to take a full backup of your Windows system and applications, or back up individual files and folders, O&O DiskImage 9 will have you covered. So make sure you bookmark the Download Giveaway page ahead of midday (EST) on December 31st!

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Disable Windows 10 upgrade prompts with GWX Control Panel 1.7
December 30, 2015 – 10:24 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment

GWX Control PanelWindows 10 is a solid update with some excellent new features, but if you’re happy running Windows 7/ 8 then the constant “Get Windows 10!” alerts are probably getting annoying.

Fortunately you can disable them in seconds with the free GWX Control Panel, which has just been updated for even more reliable and long-lasting results.

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Snap and resize desktop windows to a grid with WindowGrid
December 30, 2015 – 05:44 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

WindowGridWindows provides many ways to help reposition and resize your desktop windows – cascading, tiling, aero snap, more – but even the latest editions won’t always give you the control you need.

WindowGrid is an ultra-lightweight tool which allows users to precisely snap and resize individual windows to a customisable grid, using just the mouse.

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This December 30th, get a full year of Advanced SystemCare 9 PRO, worth $19.95, for free with Downloadcrew Giveaway!
December 30, 2015 – 04:45 by Nick Peers in Featured, Freebies, News, Promos | No Comment

giveaway-200x175As thoughts turn to the New Year, what better gift to present your PC with than a complete system cleanup? On December 30th, you’ll be able to do just that thanks to our 24-hour giveaway, which is a year’s license for Advanced SystemCare 9 PRO.

That’s right – we’re giving you a full year’s license for the current version of Advanced SystemCare Pro 9! This package contains an entire library of essential tools to help you clean up, optimise, maintain and secure your PC.

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AVG force-installed vulnerable “broken” Chrome extension
December 29, 2015 – 11:52 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment

AVGGoogle Security Research has criticised AVG for “force installing” “AVG Web Tuneup”, a Chrome extension which could be exploited to reveal “browsing history and other data to the internet”.

And it only got worse, the report claims.

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Get F-Secure KEY Premium, worth $32.99, for FREE this December 29 with Downloadcrew Giveaway
December 29, 2015 – 06:33 by Mike Williams in Featured, Freebies, News, Promos | No Comment

F-Secure KeyUsing strong, secure passwords is the best way to protect your online accounts from attack. And on December 29th we’re making it easier than ever, by giving away a $32.99 1-year licence for the password manager F-Secure KEY Premium for FREE!

The program generates secure passwords for your web accounts, on demand, and saves them to an encrypted database on servers hosted in Finland.

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