Create and edit animated GIFs with SoftDigi Easy GIF
July 7, 2016 – 03:32 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Easy GIFSoftDigi Easy GIF is a $20.95 suite of tools for creating and editing animated GIFs.

The program doesn’t require any artistic or design ability. Open an existing animation and you can resize it, remove frames, change colours, set transparency and more, all in a few clicks.

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O&O DiskImage Professional 11 unveils complete redesign, new command-line tool
July 6, 2016 – 09:24 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

DiskImage200-175O&O Software GMBH has unveiled O&O DiskImage Professional 11 64-bit, major new version of its disk-imaging tool for Windows PCs. Also available for 32-bit versions of Windows, the new release unveils a major facelift, giving the program a more modern look and feel.

There’s also a new command-line tool, as well as display improvements (including support for 4K displays), and the promise of faster performance.

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Cut your browser’s RAM usage with All Browsers Memory Zip?
July 6, 2016 – 07:47 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

All Browsers Memory ZipAll Browsers Memory Zip is a free memory optimizer designed to cut your browser’s RAM usage.

The program doesn’t just work with Chrome, IE or Firefox– it recognises and supports almost 40 browsers, out of the box.

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LightZone: still a great image editor
July 5, 2016 – 06:41 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

LightZoneIf you’re looking for a free image editor then you’ll probably start with the big names, the latest updates, whatever’s made the headlines recently.

But there’s also a whole world of mature software out there which doesn’t make the news, and isn’t updated often, yet could still deliver everything you need.

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Monitor your CPU temperature with Core Temp
July 5, 2016 – 04:00 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Core TempCore Temp is a powerful CPU temperature monitor which has been helping users watch their hardware since 2006.

The project seemed to have faded away in the past few years, but a series of updates in recent months has seen it roar back to life.

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Icaros 3.0 extends and speeds up Windows Explorer thumbnailing
July 4, 2016 – 03:41 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

IcarosIcaros is a free FFmpeg-powered tool which extends Windows Explorer’s thumbnail support to just about any video format.

The package can produce cover art thumbnails for Mkv, Flac, Ape, and Mpc files, and provides extended Windows Explorer properties for Mkv, Flv, Ogm, Ogv, Ogg, Flac, Ape, and Mpc.

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Straighten text in scanned documents with Deskew
July 4, 2016 – 02:39 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

DeskewDeskew is an open source package which can detect skewed text in scanned text documents, and output a straightened version.

It’s a command line tool, which is, well, inconvenient, but don’t let that put you off entirely – it’s still probably easier than you’d expect.

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Syncplify Notepad! is a polished plain text editor
July 3, 2016 – 02:41 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Notepad!Notepad.200.175 is a nicely balanced Notepad replacement, accessible to just about everyone but with plenty of bonus extra features when you need them.

The interface is an immediate plus, its Office-like ribbon organising the program’s main features across three tabs.

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Track your web traffic around the world with Open Visual Traceroute
July 2, 2016 – 05:01 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

OOpen Visual Traceroutepen Visual Traceroute is a Java-based, cross-platform networking toolkit which displays the path of your web traffic on 3D world map.

Despite the “Traceroute” name, that’s not all. Bonus features include a Whois tool, and a WinPcap-powered packet sniffer which shows exactly what your traffic contains.

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Easily find genuine Windows and Office images with Windows ISO Downloader
July 1, 2016 – 07:11 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Windows ISO DownloaderWould you like to try out Windows 10 in a virtual machine, or maybe create a USB installer for Windows 7 or 8? Then you’ll probably have to track down an image of that particular build.

Everything you need should be on, in theory, but if you’ve already wasted enough of your life there, you might prefer Windows ISO Downloader.

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Watch 360 degree videos with GoPro VR Player
June 30, 2016 – 04:39 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

GoPro VR PlayerGoPro VR Player (formerly Kolor Eyes Desktop) is a free 360 degree video player for Windows and OS X.

A stripped-back interface makes it very easy to use. There’s no button-packed toolbar or nested right-click menu, just drag and drop your video and it starts playing immediately.

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