Duplicate & Same Files Searcher: not just another duplicate file finder
February 19, 2015 – 15:03 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Duplicate & Same Files SearcherUnnecessary duplicate files can waste hard drive space and cause all kinds of odd PC issues, which is probably why there are so many programs designed to help you track them down.

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher sounds like it’s just going to be yet another “me too” duplicate finder, but no – there are some interesting differences, and they’re obvious from the very beginning.

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Find your PC’s most space-hogging folders with Folder Size
February 19, 2015 – 08:43 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Folder SizeIf your hard drive space is a little lower than expected then your first instinct might be to uninstall a few applications, maybe use CCleaner to remove any leftover junk.

If you really want to understand where you drive space has gone, though, there’s no substitute for analysing it properly with a tool like Folder Size.

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Reply to WhatsApp, Hangouts messages directly from Pushbullet notifications
February 19, 2015 – 05:43 by Mike Williams in News | No Comment

PushbulletPushbullet’s latest Android app update means it’s now possible to reply to messages from WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Line, directly from your desktop notifications.

There’s no complex tweakery required to make this happen. As long as you’re running Android 4.4 or later (and you have the Android Wear app installed for Hangouts messages), notifications from supported services now have a Reply button: just click it and go.

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Find hidden executables with MZreveal
February 18, 2015 – 14:20 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

MZrevealMalware uses many tricks to avoid detection. Sometimes this involves ultra-complicated, super-stealthy, rootkit-like Windows hooking. But often it’s no more advanced than giving an EXE or DLL file a much less worrying extension (virus.exe > virus.txt, perhaps). A simple technique, but maybe enough to get past you and your antivirus software.

MZreveal is a tiny free tool which can expose this hidden code by scanning the content of every file, listing any executables it finds which don’t have an EXE or DLL extension.

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Dropbox for iOS 3.7 simplifies file uploading from other apps – but only for iOS 8 users
February 18, 2015 – 06:16 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Dropbox for iOSDropbox has unveiled Dropbox for iOS 3.7.0, a major new version of its client for iPhone and iPad. The new release adds a single feature to its roster, one that requires iOS 8 to work.

The feature in question is the addition of a new action extension, which allows users to save files straight to their Dropbox storage from within selected other apps without first having to open Dropbox itself.

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Remove JPG and PNG tags with StripPhoric
February 18, 2015 – 06:01 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

StripPhoricStripPhoric is a free tool which removes JPG and PNG metadata, reducing file sizes, and – by removing details like geotags – perhaps protecting your privacy.

The program is extremely basic, and has a few annoyances, but if you’re looking for ease of use then it’s hard to beat.

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TorrentRover tracks down torrents from the desktop
February 17, 2015 – 14:26 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

TorrentRoverTorrentRover is a torrent search tool for the Windows desktop.

Do we really need this, we wondered? Surely it’ll be packed with adware? But no, there’s nothing to worry about, it’s portable and payload-free.

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Safely test antivirus software with EICARgen
February 17, 2015 – 05:55 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

EICARgenYour antivirus software claims to be working all the time, monitoring every file you access for any potential threats – but is this really how it is? EICARgen can help you find out.

This tiny freebie has a single task: to generate the EICAR Anti-Virus Test File on demand. EICAR isn’t an actual virus, not even executable code (it’s just a few characters of text), so it can’t harm your system in any way. But it is something which all antivirus programs should detect as a threat, making it very useful for testing.

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Error Lookup converts PC error codes to text descriptions
February 16, 2015 – 11:33 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

Error LookupWindows error messages are never exactly clear, and Windows Update is a particular offender. One common alert complains that “Windows could not search for new updates”, displaying the cryptic code: “80072EE2″. Which it then helpfully translates as “Windows Update encountered an unknown error”.

Error Lookup is a portable free tool which can help by translating error codes into a (hopefully) more meaningful text description.

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UserIdleStarter runs programs when your PC is idle
February 16, 2015 – 08:06 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

UserIdleStarterUserIdleStarter is a Windows console program which runs an application when your system is idle, maybe to back up files, launch or close an application, anything you like.

The program syntax is fairly straightforward. An example command might look like this.

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Work with images from Explorer with XnShell
February 15, 2015 – 04:42 by Mike Williams in Tips | No Comment

XnShellXnShell is a handy Explorer shell extension which makes it easier to view, process and generally work with images.

The program allows you to preview any picture, in just about any format, directly from its right-click menu. No need to turn on Icon View, enable the preview pane or open the full image (which may not work, anyway, if it’s not supported by your default viewer): just right-click, select XnShell, and you’ll see a thumbnail in the context menu.

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