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GlassWire 2.0 unveils major redesign, adds more network monitoring and protection tools
December 14, 2017 – 07:39 | No Comment

SecureMix LLC has released GlassWire 2.0.78, a major update of its security network monitoring and Windows Firewall control tool.
The app, which comes in free and paid-for versions, unveils new features including support for firewall profiles …

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Navigate your way across a busy city using these three apps
December 13, 2017 – 10:07 by Alex Eckardt in Featured, Tips | No Comment

citymapper-200x175Getting around a city is easier than ever and you could use a mix of transport from a hired bike, the underground, bus or even hire a “car club” car for a few hours.

Using a bicycle is the preferred option for many as it includes health benefits as well. However, how do you know where to go? Do you use a GPS? Decent options, but they are designed for cars and not for bikes which can create routing issues, especially in terms of safety. You’d want to cycle on paths which are safer for cyclists and also where you can take in a bit of scenery without getting yourself in danger.

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Stuck for transport? Get to your destination with these 3 ride-hailing apps
December 7, 2017 – 11:45 by Alex Eckardt in Featured, Tips | No Comment

gett-200x175Walk around any major city and you quickly lose the will to continue. Thanks to ride-hailing apps, you can now grab your smartphone and simply locate a ride from where you’re standing, without having to worry about public transport.

Ride-hailing apps have certainly revolutionised how we navigate a city. Whilst between meetings in London recently, it dawned on me that I had minutes to get to my next meeting. It would take longer to walk to the nearest Underground station. Solution? Grab my smartphone, hail a local taxi and arrived in time for my next meeting.

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Use these three iOS apps to find the cheapest flights
December 5, 2017 – 10:50 by Alex Eckardt in Featured, Tips | No Comment

momondo-200x175In this globalised society, we’re travelling more than ever. But, how do you get to your destination as quickly as possible? Direct, using one stop and what’s the best time to travel?

If you’re flexible, prepared to travel off-peak, reduce your luggage, then you will find the best options. Hunting down flight deals is made far easier through a dedicated app and we’ve rounded up three of the best.

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Find and book a unique stay with these three travel apps
December 1, 2017 – 12:01 by Alex Eckardt in Featured, Tips | No Comment

homeaway-200x175The way we travel has changed over the last few years with vacation rentals becoming much more mainstream and presenting a major challenge to hotels.

The benefits are clear: your own place, improved secrecy, often better value for money and you can create a bespoke vacation offering an authentic approach to your visit, by staying in the local neighbourhood.

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TeamViewer 13 now supports remote iOS screen sharing
November 28, 2017 – 07:23 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

teamviewer-200-175TeamViewer GmbH has released the final version of TeamViewer 13, its remote access tool for Windows, Linux and Mac computers, with ChromeOS, iOS, Android and Windows App editions.

The primary focus of version 13 is iOS screen sharing, which enables a technician to troubleshoot an iPhone or iPad from their desktop, in real time. Ideal if a customer has support query from the iPad and you need to guide them through solving their issue.

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Find the best local craft coffee shop from your smartphone
November 27, 2017 – 10:54 by Alex Eckardt in Featured, Tips | No Comment

flat-whiteWe can’t be the only people who make finding the best coffee one of our priorities when visiting a new city. Frankly, it’s become a bit of a mission.

You could do some research in advance, scour websites and recommendations, but there’s an easy way of finding the best location for a good coffee without requiring tedious pre-planning. We’ve collated three of the most popular apps for searching, locating and experiencing the best coffee experience in your new city.

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AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 6.6 adds support for exFAT, improves bootable media support
November 23, 2017 – 07:53 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

AOMEI Partition StandardEveryone needs a partition management tool. Windows ships with its own limited tool, accessible under Disk Management, but it’s restricted in a number of key areas, not least its inability to move files to help with the repartitioning process.

AOMEI has just released a major update to its free partitioning tool: Partition Assistant Standard 6.6. It’s become our go-to partition editor, and version 6.6 makes it even more compelling than ever.

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Scrivener 3.0 unveils major UI update and improvements alongside new features
November 21, 2017 – 05:01 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Scrivener 3.0Literature and Latte has released Scrivener 3.0 for OS X, a major new version of its writer-centric tool. The app combines traditional word-processing features with project management and organisation tools to provide a one-stop shop for any writing project.

Version 3.0 unveils a number of new and enhanced features, alongside an updated user interface, Touch Bar support and rewritten codebase for 64-bit.

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Remove stubborn applications using new Ashampoo Uninstaller 7
November 20, 2017 – 09:48 by Chris Wiles in News | No Comment

icon_uninstaller_7_200x175Any company which has to provide customer support for software products will say one of their key concerns is the inability of users to fully remove applications from their computer.

Security software is the most difficult software to remove, which is why companies provide dedicated removal tools. Kaspersky, AVG and others develop specific software to fully remove their installed security suites as many of these tools embed plugins into third-party tools, such as your web browser, to keep you protected.

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DisplayFusion 9.1 released, tweaks multi-monitor display tool for Windows
November 17, 2017 – 11:39 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

displayfusion-200x175Binary Fortress Software has released DisplayFusion 9.1, a minor update of its multi-monitor management tool for Windows. It follows a month on from the major release of version 9.0, which added a single new feature (monitor fading) alongside compatibility improvements and a host of tweaks and fixes.

Version 9.1’s most notable change is the use of a new code-signing certificate. Users are warned they may receive a Smart Screen warning from Windows – although this didn’t appear on our test PC.

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Setup and access your own cloud service using Mountain Duck 2
November 16, 2017 – 11:28 by Chris Wiles in Featured, Tips | No Comment

mountainduck_200x175Backing up your data to the cloud makes sense. But using an existing service such as Dropbox is more complicated as these cloud services insist on mirroring your content across your devices.

The most obvious solution is to create your own cloud. This is easy to achieve through a service such as Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). The Amazon S3 is a cost-effective virtual hard drive in the cloud. You are charged depending the amount of storage you use, the number of times you access your content and the location. It’s competitively priced, too. We backup our server content to Amazon S3 and our monthly bill rarely tops a Dollar.

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