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Keep installed software up-to-date with Avira Software Updater
October 23, 2017 – 06:44 | No Comment

Install software and it’s soon out-of-date. Developers release rapid updates when they find issues, often reported by end users.
Having the latest version can be important. Software can conflict and slow your PC, be compromised, wrongly report …

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AOMEI PE Builder Free 2.0 released, now supports Windows XP through to Windows 10
October 11, 2017 – 07:18 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

AOMEI PE BuilderThree years ago, AOMEI unveiled the first version of PE Builder. We were thrilled, because it provided a simple – yet flexible – way of creating the Windows equivalent of a “live” Linux CD, whereby you can run a graphically friendly operating system direct from CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

After a few updates, the software appeared to have died – with only support for Windows 7 and 8. Imagine our delight, then, when we were informed that AOMEI PE Builder 2.0 had been released.

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Look what’s back! It’s only Twitterrific 5 for your Mac.
October 10, 2017 – 10:24 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

icon_200x175It seems like an eternity since we last used Twitterrific. It was a hugely popular Twitter client for the Mac and was our go-to tool for ages. Development slipped and we switched to other tools such as the official Twitter tool.

Sadly, the official Twitter client is awful. It’s resource-heavy and direct messages can take ages to go through and we often see messages appear on your iPhone or iPad, minutes before they hit our Mac. A frustrating experience, but at least it’s free.

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Windows Firewall Control 5 released, extends protection offered by built-in firewall
October 6, 2017 – 10:45 by Nick Peers in News, Tips | No Comment

Windows Firewall Control 5Why does anyone need a third-party firewall when Windows offers one of its own? One huge plus for switching firewalls is to provide yourself with two-way protection: the Windows Firewall only monitors inbound traffic from the internet, not traffic that originates on your PC.

The annoying thing is, the Windows Firewall can offer two-way protection, but it’s fiddly to configure and not enabled by default. Enter stage left, the recently updated Windows Firewall Control 5.01.

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Adobe releases Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2018
October 4, 2017 – 07:12 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

photoshop-2018-icon-200x175Adobe has released Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 and Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, brand new versions of its consumer-level photo-editing and video-editing suites.

Version 2018 remain standalone tools – allowing users to purchase them outright – and come with a number of new and improved features to build on previous updates.

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Protect yourself against malicious websites using Web of Trust
October 2, 2017 – 10:18 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News, Tips | No Comment

weboftrust-200x175We might regard ourselves as advanced web users, but ocassionally double-take when visiting a new website. Google a search term and you see a whole host possible options, including paid website ads and there’s very little stopping a rogue retailer from popping up and populating their store with known brands.

Anyone can register a .com or .co.uk and you can host one of these domains from any location. There’s simply nothing stopping a company in Asia, from obtaining a .co.uk and then setting up a store with a bunch of fake products.

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Macrium Reflect Free 7.1 adds Hyper-V support, now licensed for commercial use
September 29, 2017 – 05:38 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Macrium ReflectParamount Software (UK) Ltd has released Macrium Reflect Free Edition 7.1, a major new release of its disk imaging backup tool for Windows.

Macrium Reflect 7.1 adds three headline features: integrated viBoot2 providing instant virtualisation of Macrium backup images, Task Scheduler 2.0 API use for compatibility with the latest versions of Windows 10, and finally a license for use in a business as well as a non-commercial environment.

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Firefox 56 unveils improved preferences, paves the way for Firefox Quantum
September 28, 2017 – 05:20 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

FirefoxMozilla has released Firefox 56.0, with Firefox for Android 56.0 due imminently. Firefox 56’s chief highlight is the rollout of Firefox Screenshots to all users. The built-in tool for capturing, saving and sharing screenshots from the browser was made available to a subset of users with the previous release.

The announcement comes with news of Firefox 57, which has been billed by Mozilla as “our biggest release of the year”. It will unveil portions of a new next-generation browser engine as well as a major design refresh to fit in better with modern operating systems.

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Transfer your data and installed applications with EaseUS Todo PC Trans
September 27, 2017 – 10:29 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

pctrans-200x175Go out and buy a brand new Windows 10 PC and it usually ships configured with a host of trial software, often sponsored by the software manufacturer, to encourage you to switch to an alternative office suite, security or photo management tool.

You could spend time migrating all your data manually. Out of the box, Windows makes it relatively easy to transfer your preferences across to your new machine. The problem starts when you have a host of installed applications and want to get these transferred and setup as quickly as possible.

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VMware release Workstation 14 and Fusion 10
September 27, 2017 – 05:39 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

vmware_200x175We wouldn’t define ourselves as “Mac users”, although we do use a Mac, quickly switching between OS X and Windows 10. It’s been this way for nearly 20 years, although 20 years ago, emulating Windows on a PPC Mac was far from a pleasant experience.

Roll forward 20 years and this is a vastly different and pleasant experience, primarily thanks to Apple’s move to Intel processors. On our quad-core iMac, Windows 10 flies at almost native speeds. Sure, it’s not quite as fast as running Windows 10 on Bootcamp, but it’s more than acceptable. We even create our website graphics using Windows design tools, without any noticeable slowdown.

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Opera 48 unveils pop-up search and conversion tools, Snapshot screen-capture utility
September 27, 2017 – 04:55 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

OperaOpera Software has unveiled Opera 48.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux. After the last feature-light release, version 48 adds a number of interesting new features as well as improvements.

Chief among these is a new pop-up search tool, which also doubles as currency, unit and time zone converter. Opera also adds a new screenshot capture tool for web pages, plus widens its bookmark-importing tool to support Edge and Yandex browsers.

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Stuck for where to visit next? The Hopper app will help!
September 26, 2017 – 07:02 by Alex Eckardt in Featured, News | No Comment

hopper-200x175Going on holiday is supposed to be relaxing (for the most part). Planning and preparing to go away can be a real headache. Do you want a beach, mountains, skiing or adventure holiday? Once you’ve settled on where to go, for most people, the price will be another issue. Flight tickets will fluctuate and its very difficult to determine when to buy your tickets.

Hopper is an app which will help you save money on flights. Its algorithm tracks your selected dates and will let you know based on historical prices whether it expects prices to drop further or go up. It will also notify you if either of these situations occurs, or tell you based on previous data if you should buy right now.

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