How to start Outlook 2007 faster

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outlookIf Outlook 2007 is taking a while to launch then that sometimes means you’ve an oversized Inbox. Taking a moment to clear out unwanted emails, especially those with large attachments, can make a real difference.

But there’s another approach that’s often even more effective. By default your copy of Outlook is probably running many entirely unnecessary add-ins, each of which takes time to initialise, as well as consuming valuable system resources. But taking a moment to remove the worst offenders will reverse the process, free up memory and give your system a welcome speed boost.

Launch Outlook 2007 (browse to \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12, right-click Outlook.exe and select Run As Administrator if you’re using Vista), click Tools > Trust Center > Add-ins, select “COM Add-ins” in the Manage list, and click Go. You’ll see the Outlook add-ins available on your system, and any currently enabled will be checked.

Our test PC was running the “iTunes Outlook Addin” and “Outlook Change Notifier” add-ins. These are installed along with iTunes, and help you sync Outlook with your iPhone or iPod, but if you don’t have any Apple mobile devices then they’re just a waste of resources. Clear the checkboxes to turn them off.

It’s also safe to disable the “Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server Colleague Import Add-in” if you don’t use Sharepoint Server, the “Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin” if you’re not using Visual Basic for Applications macros, and the “Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service” if you don’t need to work with SMS messages.

In fact, if you’re just using Outlook’s basic email and scheduling functions, then you can probably turn off everything apart from the Windows Search Email Indexer, and perhaps any antispam-related add-in you might have installed. Just clear the checkboxes, click OK, close and restart Outlook. And prepare to be surprised.

With all add-ins loaded, our test PC launched Outlook 2007 in around 3 seconds; with two (the Search Indexer and Cloudmark antispam), it popped up in about half a second. We also cut Outlook’s RAM use by around 13MB, a welcome bonus, and not bad at all for only two minutes work.

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