AVG Anti-Virus Free 9; the big release we've been waiting for

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logo-160Most advanced users are well aware of the potential threats that could affect their computer. Self-awareness enables you to be wary of downloading applications from potentially malicious websites, installing new software or opening email attachments from an unknown source. For these reasons, feature-limited free anti-virus and similar security applications are all we need to protect our computer.

AVG Anti-Virus Free is one of the most highly respected and valued free security tools available. For good reason, too. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up too many system resources and doesn’t nag and remind you to upgrade every five minutes, whilst you are working. After a year in development, the big new AVG Anti-Virus Free v9 release is now available and it’s certainly recommended.

So, what’s so good about the new version? AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0 may only offer a basic feature set, but it’s still a well-rounded package which will keep you safe from a wide range of online threats.

There’s plenty of real-time protection, for instance. The program includes AVG LinkScanner, which checks the links on search engine results pages and warns you about dubious sites. An email scanner scans incoming and outgoing messages, quarantining dangerous attachments before you have a chance to open them. And the integrated Resident Shield runs in the background, monitoring the files you open, and the programs you run, then jumping in to block the operation whenever it detects a known threat.

You can also run manual scans on everything from an individual file or folder (just right-click and choose “Scan with AVG Free”) to your entire system. Heuristics help to detect previously unknown threats. And scans are now completed much faster than in previous versions, though they still feel a little slower than free competitors like Avira.

If you’d still rather be elsewhere when a scan is running, though, you can always turn to the integrated scheduler. It’s a powerful tool that lets you define the files and folders you’d like to check, various scanning settings, and the scan frequency, all in one place. And once set up there’s no need to worry about remembering to do occasional scans: AVG Anti-Virus will run them automatically, even if you’re not around.

Although a reasonably powerful but basic antivirus tool, what you do not get is protection through your IM/chat clients, identity protection, a firewall or anti-spam prevention. If you can live without these modules, or have other applications that perform these functions for you, take a look at AVG Anti-Virus Free. If not, consider AVG Internet Security or the commercial version of the anti-virus application that also ships with free support.

Note that the Free version is for personal non-commercial use only.

AVG Anti-Virus Free v9 link.

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