Replace Adobe Reader with Foxit Reader, the lightweight equivalent

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Replace Adobe Reader with Foxit ReaderThe PDF format excels due to the fact you can output just about any file as a PDF and it will retain the look-and-feel of the source document, retaining the fonts, images and layout, irrespective of the application used to create the file. Create a PDF and you can open the document on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

The downside is that most people tend to go for Adobe (PDF) Reader as their default PDF viewer. This takes ages to start up, uses a fair amount of system resources and can cause your system to take longer to boot as it insists on running as a startup process. The reason for this slowdown is that Adobe Reader is a cut-down version of the full Acrobat PDF creator. There are alternatives and there are few better than Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader isn’t a new PDF reader. It’s been around for a while. The key difference is the size of the application and the amount of resources it requires to open and view PDF files. It was designed from the start as a simple and lightweight PDF viewer – there are other applications for editing, converting and manipulating PDF documents.

The latest Foxit Reader supports the PDF 1.7 standard and ships with versions for Windows and Linux computers. There’s no Mac version as the Mac has always shipped with PDF support as part of the operating system.

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