Replace Windows Explorer with the more powerful Directory Opus

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Replace Windows Explorer with Directory OpusFor the people that work with multiple files, Windows Explorer has been a bit of a let down. This isn’t Microsoft or even Apple’s fault. The Explorer or Finder has to be designed to be instantly accessible for the novice user. Most people barely use Explorer, using their photo manager to open and view their photos or iTunes to control their audio tracks.

There are other options. You can replace Windows Explorer with an alternative version and there are few better than Directory Opus. It’s a commercial application and has a relative high learning curve, but don’t let that put you off. We guarantee that, if you stick it out for six or so weeks, when you go back to Windows Explorer, it will seem rather basic in comparison. The Apple Finder will leave you infuriated.

Directory Opus is a powerful Explorer replacement and file manager. It’s highly customisable. On a basic level, you can simply double-click on any part of your desktop to open a user lister window. You an configure this so the lister opens as a single window, dual-pane window or other alternative. Want to open another lister window? Simple double-click elsewhere and it will open immediately. Drag files from one to another and vice-versa.

Apart from being highly customisable, Directory Opus will enable you to completely control your server, homepage or remote site using FTP built right in to the Explorer window. If you can’t figure which files you’ve uploaded locally, you can quickly synchronise files between your local folder and your destination and vice-versa.

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