Share files and other media using the latest Opera 10.10 beta preview

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New Opera 10.10 preview releaseNot content with sitting on their laurels, since the fantastic and very recent Opera 10 release, Opera have quickly followed this with a brand new public beta preview of their latest browser, Opera 10.10. Although this version is the first public preview, the technologies included have been around since the release of Opera Unite, a fair few months ago.

What’s new in Opera 10.10? Well, it has the new sharing and media features we saw in Opera Unite. These modules enable you to share files with other users (although we strongly suggest you make sure these are legal files), includes a media player so you can play audio/video files from within the browser and more.

Opera 10.10 is certainly recommended, although from a browser perspective, isn’t too much of a departure from 10.0. One thing that could be useful for users with fast broadband, is the facility to host a web server from your computer, so you can use your browser to enable users to see and access your homepage. Don’t forget your computer needs to be connected to the Internet or your homepage will go offline.

Opera 10.10 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, amongst others.

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