Test drive the latest 60-day extended trial of Norton Internet Security 2010

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Norton Internet Security 2010 extended 60-day trial

Like it or not, Norton Internet Security has had a large and loyal following. This could be attributed to the effect that the large marketing budget enables the company to keep such as presence online, within magazines and across retail shelves. Either way, it’s an effective security product.

Symantec recently announced the launch of their 2010 range of security products and the lastest Norton Internet Security is certainly faster than previous editions. Indeed, we recently moved away from Norton to a rival product and the rival causes our system to pause our streaming iTunes audio when accessing files on our computer, only to find that the other AV suite did exactly the same thing. We’ll be moving back soon.

Symantec have released an extended 60-day version of Norton Internet Security 2010, which is now available to download. The latest 2010 edition contains improved pro-active prevention, enhanced anti-spam filters and much more.

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