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Manufacturer: Nitro PDF, Inc.
Price (RRP): $49
Best Price: $49
Platforms: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista (32/ 64-bit)/ 7 (32/ 64-bit)
Requirements: 300MB free hard drive space, Microsoft Office 2003/ 2007 for Office integration features, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
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In an ideal world every application would be able to export its data to Adobe PDF files: they’re compact, reproduce detail accurately, and can be read on just about every platform, perfect for distributing documents online. Unfortunately the world isn’t quite ideal just yet, but while we’re waiting there’s a good chance that Nitro PDF Express will provide everything you need to create, convert and secure PDF files.

Just as with many similar tools, Nitro PDF Express installs a virtual printer driver on your system. Open the document you’d like to save as PDF, click Print, choose the PDF Express printer, and you’ll be able to define all the key details of your PDF file.

The program provides options to customise the document metadata (title, subject, author and keyword), image quality, fonts (to embed, or not?), page size and more. And security features add password protection, as well as the option to restrict printing, editing and extraction of your valuable content. It may take a while to set things up at first, but fortunately PDF Express stores your settings for future use, so (for example) define your own custom image quality settings once and they’ll become the default for future documents.

The printer driver is convenient enough, but it’s only one of the ways Nitro PDF Express allows you to create PDF files. The second is an Office 2003/ 2007-compatible toolbar, so you’re able to produce PDF files directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint, at a click.

If you have a large number of documents that you’d like to save as PDF, though, it might be easier to use the batch conversion option. Simply drag and drop the files you need onto the program (Office documents, HTML and text files, images, more than 300 formats are supported), tell PDF Express where to save the new documents, click Create, and it’ll convert them to individual PDFs (or one combined file) using your current settings. The whole process is very fast, and this feature alone could save you a great deal of time.

Basic PDF editing

Nitro PDF Express does a very good job of creating PDF files from your documents, but you may still want to tweak them at some later date. You don’t have the original document any more? No problem, PDF Express may still be able to help.

At a minimum, you’re able to extract the pages you need from any given file. If you decide you’d like to create a document with only pages 1-4, 6 and 10-12, for instance, just tell PDF Express and it’ll save a PDF file with the page ranges you’ve specified.

The program can also split PDF files into a fixed number of pages per file. So you could take a folder full of PDF documents, drag then on to the Extract tool, and, say, have them all split into single page files. Which of course you could then recombine in whatever new arrangement you liked.

Of course sometimes you may need to edit the content of a PDF file. Nitro PDF Express can’t do that directly – that’s a feature reserved for its big brother, Nitro PDF Professional – but it does have the next best thing. Drag and drop in the PDF files you’d like to alter, and they’ll be converted to Microsoft Word format: edit these files to suit your needs, and you can save them as PDF files again when you’re done.

An excellent and feature-packed PDF creation tool that effortlessly outpaces the competition
We Like:
Fast, easy to use, lots of control over the finished PDF file, accurate conversion tools that support many file formats, handy Office 2003/ 2007 add-in
We Don't Like:
The Help file is limited and short on details
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  • George says:

    I have now been using Ntiro PDF for about 4 months. On the surface it appears to do everything that Adobe Acrobat does but my experience is that it is a much inferior product.

    I spend quite a lot of time with large files – scrolling throug them the software often crashes. Once it has crashed you cannot simply restart it. it is necessary to go into task managers and (although the programme does not appear to be still running) find the process and close that down. Then you can start again.

    The product often crashes when converting larage files – either from another format to PDF or using OCR on the PDF.

    Certain complex PDFs do not display properly – for example large architectural drawings or PDFs of construction programmes. They load very slowly, using huge memory and then, even if you wait a long time you experience the same each time you change pages. The same documents work fine in Adobe Reader.

    It is a bargain price compared with Adobe Acrobat, so if you do not have very heavy demands it is still worth buying, but I would not recommend it for any reasonably heavy user.