Chrome 10 beta delivers on performance and usability

February 18, 2011 – 08:57 by in News Print Share No Comment

Google has released the latest beta of Chrome, version 10, and it looks like the move to double figures is being celebrated with some very interesting new features.

A Google Chrome Blog post lead with the news that Chrome 10’s new Crankshaft version of its V8 JavaScript engine now runs scripts some 66% faster than previous versions, as measured by the V8 benchmark suite.

The new beta build also includes hardware-accelerated video, which Google says may cut CPU usage by as much as 80% when running full-screen, assisting performance generally and extending your battery life.

And we particularly liked the new settings interface, which now appears in a tab as opposed to a dialog box.  This also includes a search box, so if you’re not sure where to find a particular option, just enter a related keyword, like “language”, and Chrome will display anything related: font customisations, language and spell-checker settings, the Translate option, and more.

These aren’t links to the settings, either – they’re the same buttons, lists and checkboxes that you’ve have found if you’d gone searching through the options yourself, so you can use them immediately to make whatever tweaks you need.  It’s all very convenient and easy to use.

Elsewhere security improvements include a new mechanism for disabling outdated plugins by default, while if you enable Chrome Sync then by default you’ll now also get password synchronisation across all your Chrome installations.

There’s plenty on offer, then, and despite the beta tag the browser seemed fast and reliable in our initial tests. If you’d like to try it for yourself then the download is available now.

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