Evernote for Windows 4.3 is designed for sharing

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The Evernote Corporation has announced a major update for the Windows version of its note-sharing tool. Evernote 4.3 is a noteworthy release for the introduction of a number of tools for sharing selected notes via email, social networks including Twitter and Facebook, and via the web.

Evernote 4.3 also makes it possible to share notebooks with selected individuals, plus access other notebooks shared by other Evernote users. In addition to this, there are a number of other improvements, feature additions and bug fixes.

The standout feature in Evenote 4.3 is its sharing options. Individual notes can be shared by clicking a new Share button and choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown menu. When sharing via Twitter and Facebook, the posts are auto-filled, but editable prior to sharing. It’s worth noting that sharing makes the note in question public. Right-click a note and choose Sharing to change this behaviour.

A new shared tab makes it possible to select which notebooks are to be shared with others. Once selected, click Manage Sharing to select which notebooks to share, and how they’re shared. Only Evernote Premium users can make notebooks available for editing.

Other new features
Those writing to strict word counts will appreciate another new feature: select View > Show Note and Word Counts and a word and character count will appear in the bottom of the note panel. It’s also possible to now perform a Find and Replace within a specific note – press [Ctrl] + [H] to do so, while there’s also improved indentation handling within the text editor.

Other minor changes include improved note syncing for Firefox web clips as well as better default font selection depending on the user’s language preferences. These are accompanied with “lots and lots of bug fixes”.

Evernote 4.3 is available now as a free download for PCs running Windows XP, Vista and 7. A Mac version is also available, and Evernote plans to add the sharing options to this platform in a future release.

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