Featured download: aTube Catcher 2.3.570

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Here’s the rub: there’s lots of great video content on the web, but you can’t always rely on being online to access it all. There are plenty of free tools for downloading and converting video – Freemake Video Downloader and All Video Downloader spring to mind – but we’ve just stumbled on a great little freebie called aTube Catcher.

aTube Catcher is packed with useful features – there’s the basic download-and-conversion tool, of course: enter your video URL, pick an output folder, choose a format to convert to (practically every angle is covered, and you can tweak just about any setting if your exact requirements aren’t met) and click Download.

But that’s not all aTube Catcher does: there’s an option for capturing streaming video in realtime for stubborn sites that won’t play ball, plus audio recorder, MP3 downloader and screen recorder, perfect for capturing video chats, for example. The Tools menu reveals more hidden features: a YouTube monitor for IE and Firefox that automatically downloads videos as you watch, for example, plus an option for downloading and joining together multiple files.

aTube Catcher promises to work with dozens of websites, but if – like us – you find it struggles to detect video on sites like DailyMotion.com, then paste the URL into savevideo.me to extract the direct link (if that’s too much hassle, and you don’t mind paying for the privilege, try Jaksta for Windows or Mac instead).

aTube Catcher is freeware and available for PCs running any flavour of Windows from 95 onwards.


  • Yuck! Even though I opted out of the extra toolbar they wanted me to install, it STILL filled my desktop with links to offers, things that didn’t get removed when I turned around and uninstalled the software, and even then I found something had added an ask.com toolbar to my Firefox (and changed the default) search engine to ask.

    This is an infestation, do not want.

  • Nick Peers says:

    Sorry to hear about that, Steve. Just to reiterate – and based on my own tests with the program – if you untick the various options during setup, you won’t get any of those icons or have your homepage/default search engine changed to Ask.com.

    I wasn’t aware of the toolbar initially because my default browser is Chrome, but switching that to Firefox brought up the option. Choose Custom and unticking both boxes prevented anything resembling Ask.com being added to my Firefox install.

    The additional icon shortcuts are an option further on in the process.

    Was the toolbar on your computer the aTube Catcher toolbar (as illustrated in the installation wizard), or a generic Ask.com toolbar?

  • Suku says:

    “Nick Peers says:
    Just to reiterate – and based on my own tests with the program – if you untick the various options during setup, you won’t get any of those icons or have your homepage/default search engine changed to Ask.com. “

    Hi Nick. You’re almost right.
    I just downloaded and installed the new aTube Catcher.
    Although I unticked all the optional “gifts” such as changing my home page, the Ask toolbar, and the putrid AVG software, the stuff got installed on my computer anyway.
    If it wasn’t for my SuperAntispyware, my home page would have been changed as well in spite of me not agreeing to it.

    AVG’s determination to pollute my computer appears to be feverishly obsessive, and I said the software is putrid because I spent a week on their forum trying to resolve the conflicts it was having with it freezing my computer.

    Their answer was to blame ZoneAlarm, and their solution was that I should stop ZoneAlarm everytime AVG felt like accessing their updates.
    Furthermore, they wanted me to attach a copy of asome log in my next post, so they could analyze it.
    However, their blog would not accept any attachments. LOL!!!
    That’s what I call support.

    Unable to uninstall AVG, I had to format the HDD and re-install everything a week ago.
    Well, once again, as I was installing Atube, AVG planted itself in my computer, and I’m unable to remove that piece of … software again.
    So, as you guessed, I’ll just have to do it all over again.

    Fun and games.

  • Nick Peers says:

    Something’s not right, somewhere, that’s for sure. To reiterate, if aTube Catcher is installing stuff on your PC without your permission, your anger should be reserved for the makers of that program, not AVG.

    Something has changed with the latest version – if I install the program with Firefox as my default browser it automatically changes the homepage and installs the Ask.com toolbar. While both are easily removed via the Add-Ons Manager and Options screen, I would personally be unhappy at the program for doing that without my permission.

    However, whichever way I install the software, I still can’t get it to ignore my wishes regarding the optional software install – unless I ask it to install the featured program, it won’t do so.

    If aTube Catcher is doing all of these things without your permission, however, my advice would be to remove the program, switch to another application and let the program makers know of your dissatisfaction.