Quick tip: encrypt your Dropbox folder using TrueCrypt

April 22, 2011 – 07:49 by in Tips Print Share No Comment

There you are, happily entrusting your data to the Dropbox servers, and then they go and changes the terms and conditions, which basically allows them to decrypt your data before handing it over the US authorities if requested. Now you’re wondering if you can trust your data will remain private.

Fear not, because it’s possible to encrypt your data before it’s uploaded to the Dropbox server using free open-source software (Truecrypt). Like Dropbox, Truecrypt works across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, and you won’t be breaking any T&Cs by encrypting your data in this way – Dropbox even recommends Truecrypt for this very job on its wiki.

The process is simple: install Truecrypt on all of your synced computers, then create an encrypted volume inside your Dropbox folder.  Wait for it to sync across all your computers, then mount the volume on each before treating it as normal. The initial sync may take some time, but subsequent syncs should occur pretty quickly and your data will be more protected than ever.

Both Dropbox and TrueCrypt are available for free download, and run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

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