Skype 5.3 released, offering better mobile video calls

April 7, 2011 – 23:01 by in News Print Share No Comment

Skype for Windows has been updated to version 5.3, with the latest release offering a number of enhancements including better quality video during calls received from mobile devices. This video improvement has been achieved by moving the video rotation tasks from the mobile device to the computer receiving the call, making it possible to send higher resolution video and therefore producing a better overall video call experience.

Other new features include the return of the icon that appears in reduce size contact cards to make it possible to see the online stats of contacts at a glance. It is now also possible to change conversation topic by clicking the ‘i’ button that appears in the header of all conversations.

There are also a number of additional enhancements and big fixes such as automatic calling or messaging if an attempt fails due to a missing phone number which is then added. On the bug fixes front, problems with video when auto-answer is enabled have been solved, as have error messages that appeared when trying to call Outlook contacts without a country code.

However, there are still a couple of problems that remain in Skype 5.3. The integration of Facebook with the app means that Skype makes use of the Internet Explorer engine, and many users find that when starting up Skype a script error may be displayed or a warning about a slow running script. Hopefully these issues will be fixed in a future update.

You can find out more about Skype 5.3 and download your free copy of the VoIP and instant messaging application by paying a visit to the review page.

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