Artboard for Mac brings vector graphics to the masses

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Standard images editing tools are not hard to come by – in fact Mac users are almost spoiled for choice in this field – but when it comes to vector graphics packages, the choices are slightly more limited. If you don’t fancy the idea of forking out fortune on an expensive package, Artboard may be of interest – it offers an impressive range of creative tools at a fraction of the price of comparable software.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create scalable posters, or would like to design your own logos or web graphics, Artboard includes a number of templates to help get you started. The fact that the templates include designs for invitation and fliers as well as business cards and signs, gives some indication of the target audient of the app.

This is a pleasingly powerful tool which remains easy to use, and it is clearly aimed at the home enthusiast rather than the professional designer. Support for graphic tablet means that anyone more used to working with pen and paper will feel immediately comfortable. As you would expect from any vector graphics tool, there are a range of pre-defined shapes that can be used as a basis for your work.

While this is far from being an Adobe Illustrator clone, for $20 Artboard comes surprisingly close. It is an ideal tool for smaller project that do not need the full power of an Adobe behemoth, yet still require a competent tool. Artboard also serves as a great introduction to the world of vector graphics thanks to its shallow learning curve and impressive range of online tutorial recources.

You can find out more and download a free trial of this vector drawing software by paying a visit to the Artboard review page.

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