Featured Download: Vectorian Giotto makes Flash coding simple

May 11, 2011 – 13:17 by in News Print Share No Comment

These days, Adobe Flash seems squarely aimed at programmers rather than designers. The development of ActionScript 3 might mean for incredibly sophisticated Flash-based content, but in ramping up the technical content Adobe has left those with a designer bent (never mind the rest of us) behind.

Vectorian Giotto has always marketed itself at those with an artistic bent rather than coders. It includes all the core tools you need to create striking Flash animations, but wraps them up in a user interface far less impenetrable than that offered by Flash. And the best news is this: from last month, Vectorian Giotto has been completely free to use.

The program bundles more than 50 impressive effects to give you a headstart in designing your own animations, and includes a large number of banner-like templates to get started with: just insert your own text and graphics and then check out the results.

There’s also a number of useful tutorials, including a quick-start guide that will soon have you well on the way to becoming familiar with the program and its capabilities.

If you thought Flash animations were beyond you, take a look at Vectorian Giotto, which requires a PC running Windows 98, XP, Vista or 7. You’ll also need Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer installed too.


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