Fluid 1.0 released – transforms any web site into a standalone app

May 3, 2011 – 00:50 by in News Print Share No Comment

It has been something of a long time coming, but Fluid for OS X has finally been released, providing an easy way to make web sites accessible in the same way as any software you have installed. As so many web sites such as Facebook and Twitter function in much the same way as applications, it makes sense to treat them in this way – and this is exactly what can be achieved with Fluid.

In a matter of moments it is possible to create shortcuts that can be used to open you favourite web site in its own window, as well as giving you the opportunity to create shortcuts that can be placed anywhere, Fluid also makes it easier to cycle through open web site ‘apps’ as opposed to scrolling through countless tabs in your browser.

Fluid is available completely free of charge, and the app can be used to create an unlimited number of Fluid apps. For a small registration fee of just $4.99, however, it is possible to unlock a range of additional features. Firstly, registration enables you to assign separate cookie storage for individual apps, while secondly making it possible to use Userscripts and Userstyles to apply a number of personalisation options.

Thirdly and finally, version 1.0 of Fluid also allows the apps you create to pin the apps you create to the OS X status bar allowing you to treat them much like any other piece of software. A free copy of Fluid 1.0 – with optional registration – can be downloaded by paying a visit to the Fluid review page.

It is important to note that Fluid 1.0 is a completely re-written application and it is incompatible with previous releases. This means that any apps that were created in older copies of the application will need to be recreated. Any future updates, for the foreseeable future, can be installed without the need to uninstall previous versions.


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