Cyberduck 4.1 released, adds IPv6 support and new WebDAV implementation

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There are so many ways of storing your data online these days that accessing it all can become rather a chore. FTP soon gave way to accessing storage via your web browser which, while convenient in terms of not needing another program, is quite restrictive.

Such problems fuelled the development of Cyberduck. Yes, it’s an FTP client, but it’s also capable of giving you quickly and easy access to a wide range of other online storage providers too via a single client, including Amazon S3, Google Docs and WebDAV. Version 4.1 has just been released, promising a raft of the under-the-hood improvements, new WebDAV implementation and a tweaked user interface in Windows.

CyberDuck 4.1 starts by implementing a new WebDAV protocol based on the open-source Sardine project that CyberDuck’s David Kocher has been contributing to. It’s designed to make WebDAV, which is set to gain a more prominent role with the launch of Mac OS X Lion, more robust.

Bookmarks can now be filtered by comments, and also sorted by nickname, hostname or protocol. Other changes are platform-specific – Windows users can now set a preferred default editor for opening files, while IPv6 support is also implemented. Trackpad gestures are now supported in the Mac version for both navigation and selection.

In addition to these feature improvements, a number of bug fixes have also been implemented in this new release.

CyberDuck 4.1 is a free, open-source download for both PCs running Windows XP or later, and Macs running OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

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