Spring clean your system with Eusing Cleaner v2

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Any Windows system degrades over time. The reason it becomes less effective is because it collects junk data. As you install programs, save and retrieve files and do all the things your computer was designed for, temporary files build up in hard-to-reach areas, data fragments get left behind and before you know it, you have a very messy system indeed. It’s high time for a spring clean.

Instead of grabbing a mop and bucket, you’ll need to strategically delete the unwanted data. Old programs don’t just litter the place; they leave mess in the registry and within some of Windows’ data folders. Eusing Cleaner 2 can help you to reclaim some speed by cleaning these out.

As soon as you stray online your hard drive picks up files in your browser cache. You can quickly pick up lots of unwanted data in the form of adverts and pop ups that lurk along with other temporary internet files. Flushing these out may mean that you have to reload one or two faithful sites, but you’ll have saved space and stopped your hard drive accruing unnecessary data. Eusing Cleaner can make short work of this too.

Install and launch the program and skip the registration screen. Now choose Cleaner in the left hand pane and below Cleaner Settings tick each of the areas you want to clean out. Click Test to do a test run. If all works OK, click Clean to remove these items.

Now move onto the Registry. Click Registry and choose Scan. This finds Registry problems and unnecessary entries. Once any errors have been found, choose Fix Errors to sort them out. To get a speedier registry, choose the Defrag option. Click Analyze Registry. Once complete. Choose Defrag to optimize it. You should now have a leaner, speedier and more agile PC.

Eusing Cleaner 2 is a freeware download for PCs running Windows 2000 or later. Despite its freeware designation, the program will prompt you to register or donate at selected intervals.


  • Joe Jenkins says:

    Program is horrible and a copy of ccleaner interface. Plus you cannot uninstall it you have to point the program to its install log.

  • Mary says:

    This is a joke really, every time software crew names some software they link it to Betanews (sister site) and when Betanews names a program they link it to downloadcrew, sister site again.

    Please don’t take the mickey out of people and link to the software page directly, I refuse to waste my time with you following a link in circles, not sure if I will visit again due to this.

  • Chris Wiles says:

    That’s clearly a mistake. No other articles link to Betanews. Although Betanews own the content, the links from Softwarecrew should always point to the download page and will continue to do so. Not sure how this article ended up linking to the same Betanews page, but that must have been a publishing error and has been fixed!