WinZip 16 integrates web delivery and includes a new 64 bit zip engine

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WinZip 16.0It’s hard to believe that WinZip, the original archive program has reached its sixteenth release with the latest update in which it picks up a range of new features. The ZIP format is getting pretty elderly now and has been overtaken by other more efficient compression standards, but it’s near on ubiquitous which makes it still a popular choice. WinZip 16 adds a few more carrots to tempt users by making full use of today’s 64 bit processors and adding the ability to zip directly to Blu-ray disc amongst other new features.

Also new is the ability to avoid email size limits and send files of up to 2GB directly. There’s no need to worry about the limits set by your email provider as the program integrates fully with ZipSend, a web based delivery service that stores your file and shares a direct download link with your email contact. All this is done seamlessly so there’s no need to interrupt your work and switch to a different program. It’s also possible to share Zip files on Facebook directly from the WinZip window.

The compression engine for WinZip 16 has been upgraded to a more powerful 64 bit model that makes the most of your processor for a quicker zipping experience. An improved preview tool enables you to not only examine the contents of Zip files, but also browse and edit the files within other popular archive types like 7z and RAR. You can also convert these archives into Zip format. For the best available archive storage, WinZip 16.0 now enables you to zip and write files directly to Blu-ray disc.

The final major new feature is the WinZip System Scanner that can scan your PC to check disk performance and other performance related issues. If it detects them, it will direct you to a further WinZip program that fixes the errors so you may be better off using a separate utility for this purpose.

The WinZip 16.0 trial is available for download now.

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  • Erick says:

    Sorry, but WinZIP — trash. WinRAR and 7-Zip kings of archives! 😉

  • Tom says:

    Erick – can WinRAR or 7-zip send files up to 2 GB via your email? Can either of these applications share any type of file on Facebook? Have you bothered to read the article, or better yet, try the software and the new features?

  • Mark says:

    Tom – they are not sending anything large through e-mail; instead they rely on a web service they hook into. The only thing that is “shared” is a URL to download from, either in e-mail or on SoMe like facebook.
    I can bounce your question back to you: have you bothered to read the article?

    I, myself would rather use a program that is open source (like 7-zip), that gives superior compression, and combine that with a service like where you can share the link and people can start downloading the archive even before you have completed uploading it (stream sending). I doubt zipsend supports that.

    The “new features” are not spectacular at all, they are merely connecting the winzip application to specific (proprietary) web services and automating a few small things; although it’s probably good for the lazy among us for whom 1 or 2 extra clicks is too much to ask 😉

  • Pam says:

    The user has to agree, when installing WinZIP 16, to let Corel *automatically* charge your credit card annually for the “subscription” fee to use the program–and to cancel that charge, the user must notify Corel 5 days before the end of the term. After using WinZIP for years, going back to ver. 3 if not earlier, no, I will not accept the complimentary “upgrade” under those conditions. The program also appears to include several additional bloatware utility programs for “registry cleaning”, etc. Corel has lost me as a customer.