Comodo Internet Security 5.9 debuts super-fast “Smart Scan”

December 20, 2011 – 09:19 by in News Print Share No Comment

Comodo Internet Security has been upgraded to version 5.9, in what the company unexcitingly calls a “minor maintenance release”.

Don’t fall asleep just yet, though. It may not be packed with new features, but this build does have a few very interesting additions.

Top of the list is the new Smart Scan, which the company claim is “one of the smartest quick scans in the world”. And it proved very speedy on our test system, scanning more than 41,000 objects in a mere 83 seconds. Time will tell how useful this really is – not scanning things is easy, making sure you can still identify all malware is the real problem – but the new technology is off to a good start.

You also now get easy integration with your Comodo TrustConnect account, if you have one. Internet Security 5.9 will detect unsecured wireless connections and offer to protect you with TrustConnect, effectively providing a VPN on demand. (If you don’t have a TrustConnect account, prices range from $3.99 per 24 hours to an annual subscription of $99.95; there’s more at the Comodo site.)

Elsewhere, malware removal has been improved; installation now includes an option to download the latest version of Comodo’s secure Dragon browser; and there are the obligatory interface tweaks. Nothing too major, just reorganising a few settings and preferences to make them generally easier to find.

And of course there’s still everything that was included in the previous version: strong antivirus, cloud-based behavioural analysis, a powerful firewall, comprehensive sandbox, and more. As before, the suite is available in Pro, Complete and Plus versions with a range of extras, but if you’re looking to keep costs down then Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9 remains one of the best free suites around, and has been further improved with this new release: downloads are available now.

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