Dropbox adds new option for file sharing using links

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Cloud-based backup pioneer Dropbox has rolled out a new file-sharing feature for its free and paid-for backup, sharing and sync service. Now users will be able to share folders and file by hyperlinks, which can be emailed or copied to the clipboard for sharing by other means.

The new feature, which is available through the web interface, desktop tool and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The feature, which is added to the existing folder-sharing options provided by Dropbox, appears as a paper clip button, provides two ways to share the link: by email, or by copying the link to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere, such as in Twitter. The link can also be generated by right-clicking a file and choosing Get Link from the Dropbox menu items.

The recipient then clicks the link, and is whisked to a dedicated page in their browser where they can view the file being shared – supported types such as photos, presentations and videos can be viewed directly on the page with media controls where applicable. From here the viewer can download the file or add it to their own Dropbox folder.

Dropbox promotes the new feature to groups such as families, groups and educational users, and has rolled it out after a spell in beta. The announcement coincides with Microsoft’s unveiling of the new SkyDrive tool for desktop computers, and appears to work in current versions of apps, so no updating will be required.

Dropbox is availabe as a free download for Windows, Linux and Mac, with free apps for iPad, iPhone and Android also available. A free account offers 2GB storage space with paid-for plans also available.

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