Recover accidentally deleted files from your Mac for free with EaseUS Mac Undelete

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Data recovery used to be an incredibly expensive business, but these days you can often recover accidentally deleted data without having to bankrupt yourself in the process. And if you’re a Mac user, the good news is that you might even be able to recover irreplaceable files and folders from your hard drive for free.

Chinese software manufacturer EaseUS has just released a second freeware data recovery tool for Mac users. Hot on the heels of its free image recovery app, EaseUS Mac Photo Recovery Free comes a general purpose tool, aptly titled EaseUS Mac Undelete 5.5.1.

As the name implies, EaseUS Mac Undelete is a tool that can recover deleted files only. That means if you’re looking for data on a formatted or corrupt drive, you’ll need to look elsewhere (EaseUS would like you to upgrade to its paid-for product, Mac Data Recovery Wizard, for one).

Recover accidentally deleted files quickly, easily and for no cost.

If, however, you’ve recently deleted a file or folder, or emptied the trash, then EaseUS Mac Undelete could prove to be a lifesaver without breaking the bank. The best time to install it, of course, is now, before you lose any data as one of the golden rules of data recovery is to stop writing data to the drive you’re trying to recover from.

The app is incredibly simple to use: click Undelete, select your drive and let the program quickly scan for recoverable files. Then browse the folders for your missing file, preview the results and then tick those files or folders you wish to rescue. Click Recover, select another drive to save the files to and – hey presto – you might just have saved yourself a fortune in expensive data recovery (or divorce) fees.

EaseUS Mac Undelete 5.5.1 is a freeware download for Macs running OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

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