Tired of having to remember your login passwords? The latest version of Sticky Password 6 can help

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Sticky Password 6.0The ever-present need for security means that every account that you have online, and probably on your computer as well, needs to be protected with a username and password. If you have taken the wise step of ensuring that all of your passwords are different this will undoubtedly mean that you have an incredible number of passwords to remember. Sticky Password is a free tool that can store all of your passwords in a secure database and save you having to remember them by automatically filling in login information for you. Sticky Password 6.0 has just been released and there’s a lot to look forward.

To start with, there is a completely overhauled interface and added protection against malware extracting passwords from the clipboard. When you need to come up with a new password for an account you are creating, rather than relying on your own collection of letters, numbers and symbols, you can instead turn to the built in password generator which has now been enhanced with a history option. It is always a good idea to change your passwords from time to time and there is a reminder option built into the app to encourage you to do so.

Sticky Password 6.0

Sticky Password 6.0

Sticky Password will highlight potential security problems by pointing out accounts that have weak passwords. To make it easier to store information in the program’s database, it will automatically save usernames and password you use to create new accounts and it is possible to define a different default web browser that should be used with different accounts – great if you use different browser for specific tasks. Not all of the accounts you use require you to use a password and there is now support for accounts that enable you to log in with just a username or email address. There have been plenty of other changes and additions to the latest version of the app including highlighting of login fields, and a new context menu in Internet Explorer that provides access to autofill actions.

The free version of the app does have some limitations to entice you into upgrading to the paid-for Pro version, but they are minor enough that the free version is still well worth taking a look at. The free version only allows you to create a single user account and there is support for up to 15 online and program accounts. You can install the software as a normal program, but there is also the option of using it as a portable app so you can take it from machine to machine on your USB drive.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Sticky Password 6.0 review page.

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