Dexpot 1.6 brings interactive previews and a window catalog to your virtual desktop

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DexpotVirtual desktops are a great alternative to having multiple monitors installed to gain more space to work with. Dexpot is a virtual desktop management tool and it has just been updated to include and impressive new interactive preview screen that can be used to move windows and program between desktops, and even perform more advanced options such as creating copies of windows. There’s also a portable edition of the same version of the app available Dexpot Portable.

The preview window also feature support for mouse and keyboard controlled zooming, but one of the most intriguing new features is the Window catalog. This displays all of the windows that are included on a desktop as a series of tiles and if you start dragging windows around Dexpot will automatically switch to full screen preview mode. Old favorites such as the desktop manager and desktop preview have also been redesigned.



A big step forward sees the addition of support for multiple monitors. If you have two or more screens connected to your computer, you can now use Dexpot to gain even more workspace. There are advanced optoins such as the ability to exclude a particular monitor from being used by the program so you can keep content static when required. To help make virtual and real desktop easier to differentiate, you can choose to have a different background to each desktop or for the desktops of a particular monitor.

In addition to all of this, there are also new keyboard shortcuts that make it easier than ever to interact with the program and access frequently used options. If you find that you use Dexpot in a number of different ways and have set up various profiles, these can now be loaded via shortcuts to allow for easy switching. New support for hot corners is another quick shortcut to accessing the features you use most.

You can find out more by paying a visit to the Dexpot and Dexpot Portable review pages.

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