Funny Photo Maker: a great way to get creative with your digital images

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Transforming a standard portrait photo into something which stands out from the crowd, a shot you’d genuinely like to share with others, usually takes a great deal of time and expertise. But if you don’t have much of either, you might want to consider Funny Photo Maker, an excellent tool which produces great results with the absolute minimum of hassle.

As you might guess from the program name, this isn’t a regular photo editor and won’t be for everyone. But if you’d like to take a friend’s face and place it on an ape, a magazine cover, movie poster or something similar, then you really need to take a closer look.

Getting started is extremely easy. Just open a portrait shot, optionally choose the Edit option and position a selection rectangle (or other shape) around the face you’d like to use. And then start browsing the program’s templates to see what’s on offer.

The Magazine section has covers for Allure, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Vogue and more, for instance – and just clicking any of these will display that issue with a picture of your friend on the cover.

In just a click you can add your face to the Avatar poster, Twilight, Iron Man and more

If they’re more interested in Hollywood then you or your friends could appear on posters like Avatar, Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, X-Men and more.

And you also get lots of clever and inventive frames. So again, in just a click or two you could have an image which displays your photo in an art gallery, on the side of a truck, as the face on a dollar bill, and on the big screen in Time Square, amongst many others.

If this is a little too off the wall for your needs, there are more standard effects available under the “Artistic” tab. You can add snow or rain to an image, say; turn it into an oil or water painting; apply some excellent lighting effects, turn the image into a collage, and more.

Funny Photo Maker also includes a very basic editor of its own where you can do simple work: sharpen an image, tweak brightness and contrast, add a text caption, clipart and more.

And when you’re done, the program provides options to save your image as a file, or upload it directly to Facebook or Twitter.

You do have to keep your editing expectations fairly low here, as the program is more about ease of use than trying to rival Photoshop. So you don’t get advanced selection tools to try and precisely separate a face from the image background, for instance, and there aren’t 100 hi-tech ways to adjust your image colours (or really any at all).

That doesn’t matter, though. Funny Photo Maker works because you can have the basic setup complete within seconds, then there are a huge range of quality effects to explore, and applying them mostly only takes a click. If you want a fast and fun way to get more creative with your images then this tool is an absolute must.


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