SugarSync 2.0 exits beta, promises better cloud backup and sync tool for Windows and Mac

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Cloud backup provider SugarSync, Inc has announced the release of SugarSync 2.0 .1 FINAL for Windows and Mac users. The desktop tool, which provides backup, sync and sharing services through SugarSync’s cloud servers, has been radically revamped for this new release, which first debuted in beta back in November.

The latest release includes a number of major new features and improvements, including SugarSync Drive,more flexible sharing of files and cloud search tools. The new build is joined by SugarSync 4.0.0 for Android, with an iOS update promised soon.

SugarSync 2.0 FINAL starts by revamping the navigation tools for easier access. The new build now splits its functionality across four tabs: Cloud, Sharing, Activity and Search. The Cloud tab provides easy access to the folders being synced between all computers and the cloud, but can be filtered to show only folders synced with specific devices if required.

Changes abound with the brand new release of SugarSync.

The Sharing tab reveals another improved feature, whereby users can now more easily share files and folders with others, either through private or public links. The Activity tab provides a summary of the service’s recent actions, while the Search tab provides access to a brand new feature that allows users to search across the cloud for files and folders.

SugarSync 2.0 also promises simplified setup and better folder management, allowing users to add folders to those being synced through drag and drop. Another new feature is the SugarSync Drive, which allows users to access all synchronised folders through a virtual drive – the drive is smart enough to know if folders need to be accessed locally or through the cloud.

Another improvement in this new release is how the app handles photos, with users now given an option to toggle “Gallery View” to view the photos as large thumbnails, plus view photos as a slideshow for showing off to others.

The new Android app apes the design of the desktop tool.

Other recently implemented changes since the first beta release include the ability to manage deleted files, allowing users to selectively permanently erase files in the SugarSync Recycle Bin. Also added was an option to not automatically mount the SugarSync Drive at startup, along with major performance and stability improvements to the SugarSync Drive itself, including new icon overlays to clearly indicate which files are stored on the computer versus those in the cloud.

The new build also debuts a design that is applied consistently across the desktop app, web and new mobiles apps, including the recently released SugarSync 4.0.0 for Android. Other new features in the Android build include a slide-out navigation menu, support for uploading or syncing folders from your device’s SD card and the ability to save files directly from other apps into SugarSync.

This updated design will also appear in the next release of SugarSync for iOS, which SugarSync expects to submit to the Apple store in “a few weeks”.

SugarSync 2.0.1 FINAL is available now as a freeware download for Windows and Mac users. SugarSync 4.0 for Android and SugarSync 3.0 for iOS are also available for free. SugarSync offers a free 5GB storage plan, as well as paid-for plans, with prices starting from $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year for 30GB.

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