Instantbird 1.4 improves connection to Twitter, makes logs more accessible

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instantbird-200x175Open-source multi-messaging client Instantbird 1.4 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. The latest version of Instantbird, which provides a central location for accessing multiple IM accounts including AIM, Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook and Google Talk, strengthens its Twitter integration by updating to the Twitter API v1.1, a necessary step to ensure it’s able to communicate with Twitter after June 11th.

Other Twitter changes include the timeline being updated to include all people the user is currently following in the Participants list, while the character counter has also been improved to take into account automatic link shortening, making retweets easier.

Other changes in version 1.4 include improvements to the IRC authentication process, which now handles bouncers such as ZNC much better than previously. Users can now also easily override self-signed, invalid or out-of-date certificates for IRC servers.

Instantbird 1.4

Instantbird 1.4’s Twitter feed now includes people the user is following in their list of participants.

The log viewer has also been updated so conversations are now grouped by date, while each account now keeps debug logs that are easily accessible via the Account Manager – right-click the account in question, choose Copy Debug Logs and then paste the contents into a text window such as that of an email or a plain text editor.

Instantbird is built upon the Firefox core, and version 1.4 is now built on Mozilla 20.0.1, and uses libpurple 2.10.7. One side-effect of this change is that it is no longer compatible with Macs running OS X 10.5 or earlier.

The update is rounded off by a large number of bug fixes, which are detailed in the program’s change logs for interested parties. Instantbird 1.4 is available now as a free, open-source download.

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