Facebook for Android 7.0 improves photo support, group admin tools

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Facebook for AndroidFacebook has unveiled a major update to its Android app with the release of Facebook for Android 7.0. The latest version concentrates on improving photo management for users, and also gives group administrators more control from within the app itself.

For the first time, users can now include photos when posting comments using the Android app – it’s an overdue update, as the feature has been present on the web since June 2013 and first appeared in Facebook for iOS five months ago.

Android users also gain the ability to better manage their photo albums with version 7, with tools for editing and deleting entire albums added to the feature roster. In addition, users can now easily untag themselves from photos too.

Facebook for Android

The latest update to Facebook is still rolling out slowly across Android devices.

Facebook for Android 7.0 also gains the ability to group multiple photos together for uploading in batches.

Other changes affect administrators of Facebook groups, who can now both pin and unpin posts, plus review pending and reported posts directly from within the app itself.

Facebook for Android 7.0 will be rolled out over the next few days to different platforms – it’s a slow rollout so far, and many users have posted negative reviews about the new features not working without realising their devices have yet to be updated. Also available is Facebook for iOS 7.0.

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