WebSite X5 Evolution 11.0 debuts major new features, interface tweaks and feature improvements

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WebSite X5 11.0Incomedia has released major new versions of its wizard-driven web-building tool with the launch of WebSite X5 Free 11.0 and WebSite X5 Evolution 11.0.

Version 11.0 comes with a redesigned user interface and restructured five-step design process as well as enhanced template tools and page creation process alongside other improvements.

The graphic interface has been updated for a “modern and functional” look, according to Incomedia. New button bar layouts give users more flexibility in using available space and allowing the minimum window size to be reduced.

WebSite X5 Evolution 11.0

WebSite X5 Evolution 11.0 is designed to make it possible to build entire websites using a wizard-driven interface.

The five-step wizard used to build, populate and export a website has also been revamped, with style definition controls being moved up to the order to step one of the process while a new Statistics, SEO and Code window has been added to step four, where custom code management and optimisation tools can be found.

Improvements to template management mean templates are now saved as an integral part of the project file, making it easy to migrate projects to other computers. Custom style tools have also been moved to the graphic template properties where they’re more visible.

The 1,500-strong template library (restricted to 50 templates in the Free version) has also been renewed, allowing it to be updated automatically from the internet when new templates become available.

Page-creation enhancements see the addition of optional objects for inserting into content rather than having to define them using custom HTML code. The ability to define, save and import/export defined cell styles has also been added.

Version 11 also adds support for Web Fonts and integrates a new text editor that helps ensure changes to content style can be applied consistently across the entire web project.

Also added is access to more than 200,000 free pictures when inserting images, new styles for buttons and other graphical objects, more options when creating photo galleries and improvements to the built-in graphics editor.

Users also gain the ability to schedule posts from blogs or RSS feeds, while other improvements make the HTML Editor easier to use and provide SEO optimisation for sites.

WebSite X5 Free 11.0 and WebSite X5 Evolution 11.0 are freeware and function-limited demo downloads respectively. Both require PCs running Windows XP or later. Not all improvements above apply to the Free edition. WebSite X5 Evolution 11.0 can be purchased for €69.99.

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