Adobe’s open source editor Brackets out of beta

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BracketsIt seems to have been around for a very long time, but Brackets, Adobe’s open source text editor, has finally hit version 1.0.

Brackets’ appealing set of visual tools and inline editors now optionally comes with Extracts for Brackets (Preview), an extension which reads colours, fonts, gradients and other data from a PSD, making everything easily available in clean CSS.

There’s support for customisable keyboard shortcuts, and a wiki example explains how these can be reassigned to match Sublime Text.

Quick Edit results are now grouped by file and collapsible, making it easier to view only the files you’d like to edit.


A smart editor for developers. From Adobe. And entirely free.

There are also reportedly “many performance improvements” over version 0.44.

It’s a big step forward for Brackets, but the official blog post announcing the release says it’s being treated just like any other. Development is going to continue at the same pace as before, and that means we’re likely to see another release by around the end of this month.

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