O&O RegEditor is a handy free REGEDIT alternative

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RegEditorO&O Software has shipped O&O RegEditor, a powerful freeware Registry editor for Windows Vista and later.

The package extends RegEdit with enhanced search tools, full copy and paste support, improved editing and more.

RegEditor’s compact download includes both 32 and 64-bit editions. It’s portable – just unzip and go – and the REGEDIT-like navigation means you’ll feel at home right away.

A smarter search option quickly displays all your matches in a single panel, rather than forcing you to step through them one by one.

You can then scan the list of hits, double-click anything interesting to jump straight to that value, or process multiple values all at once – maybe deleting everything in a click or two.


RegEditor’s extended Search tool displays all its matches in a single list

Select one or more keys and it’s now possible to copy them, and their subkeys, and paste them somewhere else.

Editing is more convenient because it doesn’t take place in a separate window which prevents you doing anything else.

Instead, double-clicking a value displays it in an Edit panel. You can then enter some new value immediately, or, if you want to compare this to some other part of the Registry, browse to another key in the main window, while the first value remains accessible.

We noticed some smaller technical improvements, too, including the ability to export Registry keys in XML as well as the standard REG.

There’s a small oddity in RegEditor’s Favorites support. In theory this builds on REGEDIT, as it can export and print your Favorites list, but for some reason it doesn’t import REGEDIT’s own list – not even as an option.

Still, overall O&O RegEditor is a solid tool with more than enough REGEDIT improvements to justify the download. Give it a try.

O&O RegEditor is a freeware application for Windows Vista and later.

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