RedMorph is an effective ad and tracker blocker

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RedMorphRedMorph is a free ad blocker and content filter for Chrome, Firefox, Android and more.

Install the Browser Controller extension and it seems to work much like any other ad blocker. No setup is required, you just browse as usual and the RedMorph icon displays the number of ads/ trackers/ etc it’s blocked.

The UI is more visible than with most of the competition. This starts with a brief pop-up alert which displays the domains of blocked content for every page. It’s initially annoying, but is very small, disappears quickly, and can be turned off from the Advanced Settings dialog if you don’t find it useful.

There’s a another UI element in the shape of a tiny RedMorph icon bottom-left of the browser. If a page isn’t working, hover your mouse cursor over this and you’re able to choose an alternative protection level for the current page only.


Enable or disable features globally or per site

There are three main protection modes. Advanced is the default, and blocks all trackers and third-party content. Dropping down to Standard or Basic Protection allows more content and may get your page running again, and if there are still issues, you’re able to turn off RedMorph entirely.

Whatever protection mode you choose will be applied whenever you revisit the current site, but your default settings will still work everywhere else.

RedMorph also has simple website blacklists and whitelists. You’re able to prevent access to specific sites, or allow access to specific websites only.

A “Word Filter” enables checking page content for specific words. If any are found these can be masked (replaced with **), or you can have RedMorph block the site entirely.

Paying to upgrade (from $6.49 a month) also gets you an anonymous proxy and VPN service.

The company is also working on mobile apps. An iOS version is “coming soon”, but an Android app delivers ad and tracker blocking, and also enables controlling your installed apps’ internet activities. RedMorph Yeti (yes, really) can be left to automatically control what an Android app does online, like a sort-of firewall, or you’re able to take full control yourself. It’s free “for a limited time”, we’d guess until the iOS version appears, but eventually it’ll be $4.99 per device.

RedMorph is a free ad blocker, content filter and more for Chrome, Firefox, Android and others.

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