Tad is a smarter CSV and data viewer

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TadTad is a free cross-platform tool for viewing any analysing CSV files and tabular data.

Open a CSV file and it’s displayed in a simple table. Clicking column headers quickly sorts the data by that field, and you can drag and drop headers to reorder them. That’s useful, but it’s also very familiar.

Fortunately, there’s more. That gear icon to the left isn’t the regular Settings dialog you’d expect, but actually provides more ways to configure the viewer.

There are options to hide individual colums, sort by specific fields, display the totals of each field in the top row, even build a pivot table to better analyse complex data.

There’s a simple filter system, too. Choose a column (Price), set up a condition (>= 100), add more conditions (Item is not null), decide whether you’re combining these with AND or OR and the view updates accordingly.

Tad is a free tool for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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