AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 6.6 adds support for exFAT, improves bootable media support
November 23, 2017 – 07:53 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

AOMEI Partition StandardEveryone needs a partition management tool. Windows ships with its own limited tool, accessible under Disk Management, but it’s restricted in a number of key areas, not least its inability to move files to help with the repartitioning process.

AOMEI has just released a major update to its free partitioning tool: Partition Assistant Standard 6.6. It’s become our go-to partition editor, and version 6.6 makes it even more compelling than ever.

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Scrivener 3.0 unveils major UI update and improvements alongside new features
November 21, 2017 – 05:01 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Scrivener 3.0Literature and Latte has released Scrivener 3.0 for OS X, a major new version of its writer-centric tool. The app combines traditional word-processing features with project management and organisation tools to provide a one-stop shop for any writing project.

Version 3.0 unveils a number of new and enhanced features, alongside an updated user interface, Touch Bar support and rewritten codebase for 64-bit.

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Remove stubborn applications using new Ashampoo Uninstaller 7
November 20, 2017 – 09:48 by Chris Wiles in News | No Comment

icon_uninstaller_7_200x175Any company which has to provide customer support for software products will say one of their key concerns is the inability of users to fully remove applications from their computer.

Security software is the most difficult software to remove, which is why companies provide dedicated removal tools. Kaspersky, AVG and others develop specific software to fully remove their installed security suites as many of these tools embed plugins into third-party tools, such as your web browser, to keep you protected.

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DisplayFusion 9.1 released, tweaks multi-monitor display tool for Windows
November 17, 2017 – 11:39 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

displayfusion-200x175Binary Fortress Software has released DisplayFusion 9.1, a minor update of its multi-monitor management tool for Windows. It follows a month on from the major release of version 9.0, which added a single new feature (monitor fading) alongside compatibility improvements and a host of tweaks and fixes.

Version 9.1’s most notable change is the use of a new code-signing certificate. Users are warned they may receive a Smart Screen warning from Windows – although this didn’t appear on our test PC.

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Setup and access your own cloud service using Mountain Duck 2
November 16, 2017 – 11:28 by Chris Wiles in Featured, Tips | No Comment

mountainduck_200x175Backing up your data to the cloud makes sense. But using an existing service such as Dropbox is more complicated as these cloud services insist on mirroring your content across your devices.

The most obvious solution is to create your own cloud. This is easy to achieve through a service such as Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). The Amazon S3 is a cost-effective virtual hard drive in the cloud. You are charged depending the amount of storage you use, the number of times you access your content and the location. It’s competitively priced, too. We backup our server content to Amazon S3 and our monthly bill rarely tops a Dollar.

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Adobe releases Acrobat Reader 2018. Do you still use it? Perhaps you should.
November 14, 2017 – 11:23 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

acrobat-reader-200x175Let’s be fair, for reading a PDF, your average end user will rarely need anything more than a simple reader, so Preview on the Mac or Reader on your Windows 10 PC will suffice.

For business users, portable document format files offer a method for sharing commercial-grade documents which can be marked up before they are sent to a printer. Indeed, if you share your PDF through the cloud, anyone can download, view, add a comment and save it back for others to read the comments and make changes.

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Firefox 57 unveils new speedy Quantum browsing engine, revamps user interface
November 13, 2017 – 09:47 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

Firefox QuantumMozilla has placed Firefox 57.0 on its servers for download, ahead of its official release tomorrow. Also due imminently is Firefox for Android 57.0. The new release sees the debut of Mozilla’s next-generation browsing engine, Quantum.

The new engine is paired with a major user-interface revamp boasting a more modern, pared-down look, plus feature highlights include improved Address Bar and redesigned new tab page. In addition there are major changes (with potentially significant consequences) to the browser’s extension support.

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SoftMaker releases Office 2018 with enhanced Thunderbird
November 8, 2017 – 06:50 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

softmaker-200x175You have to admire some of the recent design work from Microsoft. Windows 10 has transitioned in a robust and visually-appealing operating system, whilst Office 2016 really is a superb, well-designed, cross-platform office suite.

In addition, Office 365 offers reasonably priced subscription and includes a fair number of licences for your devices. We have Office 365 installed on our Mac and Windows computers and it’s seamless switching between the two platforms.

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Opera 49 adds editable elements to its screen capture tool, rolls out VR headset support
November 8, 2017 – 04:35 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

OperaOpera Software has unveiled Opera 49.0, the latest version of its Chromium-powered browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Opera 49’s headline new features is a major update to its new snapshot tool, with editing features, a selfie mode and support for emojis. Elsewhere, the VR headset support previewed in the Developer release has also been included, along with a new ‘easy setup’ button offering convenient access to key settings.

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Dashlane 5 and 1Password 7 support Face ID. Which password manager will you choose?
November 3, 2017 – 10:41 by Chris Wiles in Featured, News | No Comment

dashlane-200x175Using more than one password is somewhat essential. Remembering all your passwords is a lot more tricky. Remembering them and keeping them safe is even tougher.

There are plenty of password managers out there, but which one do you choose. We’re big fans of 1Password, primarily due to the seamless cross-device synchronisation.

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Audacity 2.2.0 unveils new themed look along with other interface updates
November 3, 2017 – 06:49 by Nick Peers in News | No Comment

audacity_200x175 Open-source sound recording, editing and mixing tool Audacity 2.2.0 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, around two years after version 2.1.0 made its bow.

Version 2.2.0’s highlights include support for themes – with a choice of four provided, plus reorganisation of the program’s menus, additional help buttons and a major code overhaul.

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